Why I Use the Word ‘Lesbian’ in My Personal Vocabulary

I use the word lesbian because it represents my freedom from the cage I was in for the entirety of my youth. I liked girls. And I knew I liked girls. But I also really liked boys. So naturally, with no one in my life to encourage otherwise, I grew up thinking that liking girls was bad. I grew up terrified every time the thought that I was a lesbian popped up. But I knew, just really really really deep down – that I totally was so so sooooo so gay, even as unconventional as it was at the time, because again I really really realllly liked boys, too.

Identifying with the word lesbian – as well as queer and woman and nb (non-binary) and bisexual – was the key that got me out. My wings could stretch and move and fly. I could fly.

And let me tell you.

I soared.

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by kendallandrea

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