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Why You Should NEVER Give Up!

I know the Life coaches and motivational gurus continuously keep us reminding the benefits of persistence. That you should keep pushing and pushing, that you should not give up! Not before you have reached your goal. I know, you have heard it all, already. I am not trying to “sell” you borrowed ideas here. Most importantly, I am not a life coach. I am just like you learning through my life experiences.

Here’s what I have realized about giving up is – you should never ever give up! 

Does that sound to you like a stubborn person speaking? Perhaps. But it’s okay. Here’s why –

If you want something, if you feel from your gut it’s meant for you, it means it’s meant for you. I’ll explain my point in a minute but first grip on this idea. If you have a strong desire to have something, it’s meant for you. Why? Because otherwise why would you desire it so much? Be it a job, a person, or anything else if you have a desire to have something, it’s meant for you!

But if you don’t make an attempt to reach your dream, if you try only half-heartedly, if you don’t believe that you deserve it, guess what? You won’t get it! If you give up, you lose the path that takes you where you were destined to reach.

Here’s why giving up is NOT an option:

1. It’s not about winning or losing – Life is not a game.  It’s not about “gaining” or “losing” something. There are things worth chasing because they shape our destiny. If you want something and you don’t try to get it, you do a big disservice to yourself. You are important. Aren’t you? So, why shouldn’t be your desires? It’s not to “win” something. Giving up is not an option because you are worthy enough to get what you want. You deserve your dreams.

2. It’s for the greater good – When you follow your heart not only do you satisfy yourself but others are also benefitted from your decision.

For instance, you want to become a journalist. If that’s your dream you should leave no stone unturned to become a journalist. It’s not because of the money involved or the popularity you might gain from coming into this profession. It’s because that’s your life purpose! And when you walk on your life path you are blessed with opportunities to grow as a person so much that you add value to the world! Everyone is benefitted when you refuse to settle and follow your dreams.

3. You evolve when you refuse to give up – When you follow the path of your dreams you learn a lot. You evolve into a new version that resonates with your dream life. Your mindset expands, your attitude changes, you become an altogether new person. And you can be proud of yourself seeing the path you have come across in reaching your goals.

4. The gut feeling is always right – Human intuition is a primitive source of infinite power. If you have a gut feeling about doing something you should absolutely go for it! Because your gut feeling is always right. From the beginning of our race, our gut feeling protects us, alarms us against any danger, or encourages us to do things meant for us. If you ignore your gut feeling, you are disrespecting the life force within you.

5. When you give up, you pass on your destiny to someone else – Imagine this. Someone else living in your dream home. Someone else doing your dream job. Someone else married to the man or woman you adore. All because you chose to give up! If you hesitate to claim your destiny someone else will surely accept it for themselves. Will you be then able to make peace with yourself? Will you not repent for not taking action for the rest of your life?

Why do people give up easily on their dreams and settle for less?

1. They don’t feel they are worthy – Because of our past conditioning, we have a set of limiting beliefs that prevent us to aim bigger in life. Often, people don’t understand it’s not someone else but they themselves are an obstacle on their path. If you subconsciously believe you are not worthy of a great career, you would never make a great career. If you subconsciously believe you don’t deserve love you will always block yourself from receiving love. This is true for any other areas of life, as well.

2. They are paralyzed by fear –  Our past hurts often comes in our way when we want to pursue our dreams. The bitter experiences in our lives want to prevent us to start afresh. Often we are scared to take a chance. What if we are hurt again if we try again?

3. They don’t want to move out of their comfort zone – When you want to achieve something bigger you have to be willing to move out of your comfort zone. Most people are afraid of doing that.

Most people keep doing things that are convenient because doing the inconvenient ones is hard.  It’s easy to curse your boss but stick in the same toxic work environment. Upskilling yourself for a new job is tough. If you want to be in a relationship with your crush you have to open your heart, you have to be vulnerable in front of them. This is what terrifies people so much they do not want to take a chance! It’s safer for them to keep their feelings to themselves than make a confession about it.

Most humans want to stay safe. That’s why they settle for less than what they deserve.

What to do when you decide NOT to give up?

1. Take action – This is a physical world where nothing happens if you don’t take any action. After you decide on what you want take immediate action towards it. If you want a job you might have to learn new skills for that. If you want to buy a house you have to start saving money. If you have a specific person in mind you have to make them understand they are special, that you care for them.

2. Work on your mindset – You don’t need to hire a coach to develop a positive mindset. You need to work on your mindset regularly. Practice positive affirmations, visualize your dream as if it’s real, associate with positive-minded people, be more grateful in life.

By the way, you should not be confused about this idea of not giving up. I have intended to highlight this concept in a positive light. By not giving up on your dreams means not sacrificing something you feel from within. It’s for your good not for placing yourself in any negative situation.

  •  Refusing to give up does not mean clinging to toxic relationships or keep pursuing something that is energy-draining.
  • Refusing to give up does not make you a selfish person. You deserve to live the life you want.  It’s about honoring your desires.
  • If you feel to do something intuitively you should definitely pursue it. But if you are trying to do something to impress others, or out of fear or other reason that’s not what we are talking about here!

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether to pursue or quit your dreams. Because this is your life, after all! But before giving up just ask yourself once how life would have looked like if you have pursued what you want. Because where you stand now and where you could reach if you don’t give up would be radically different. Isn’t it?



by Ishita Ganguly

Ishita is a published author, poet, and freelance writer from India. She is the author of the book, "Stories from the City called Kolkata" and editor of the international poetry anthology, "Expressions from the Heart". She is the co-author of 5 international anthologies. Her articles and poems have been published on leading websites and in international magazines.

Ishita is a double master's degree holder, a corporate professional turned educator turned full-time writer. She is a book lover who believes words have immense power and writers can make a huge impact in the world! She desires to leave the world better than she found it through her contributions as a writer and as a responsible global citizen.


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