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Willow Tree

I’ve loved and I’ve lost here.

My strength has grown yet,

weakened for you.

Break me free…

I want to

live again.

Your branches used to be

enough to hold me.

Now, they’ve let me go.

My wings have been broken and,

without the comfort

of your love,

I can’t find my way back


Growing more and more apart

as each day passes us by,

I feel the

burden of loneliness

without your strength.

Like the tired branches of the willow tree,

left cold and unsheltered

to face life

on its own,

lies the reflection

of my eyes

staring back.

by Ashley Greek

I am a proud mother to a very energetic little 5-year-old boy. I have been writing most all of my life, poetry mostly but, have begun branching out into children's books. I also have been collecting ideas for my first novel. Writing has always been a passion of mine and also, helping others. I began my own at home business of writing and designing my own line of uplifting and inspirational greeting cards. Writing has always got me through life's ups and downs so, I can only hope that whoever reads my work can be uplifted and can be helped through their journey in life.


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