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Winged Victory of Samothrace

On the base of the Daru staircase,

I look up to an angel.

She stands tall, victorious yet graceful,

her feminine body fighting against water and wind.

Without facial expressions, she embodies resilience and strength,

for she still endures regardless of missing her head, arms, and sword.

I feel as if I am approaching a real goddess as I ascend.

With each step on the grand, mountainous staircase, she seems larger than life;

made from marble, she is an oxymoron of fragile solidity.

One foot is forward as she storms into battle,

one she will face with her chin up and her eyes steady.

Wings like extension of her arms, I can imagine the strong gale,

her feathered wings and hair whipping in the maelstrom.

Arriving at the forward of her ship, 

my eyes water at her unyielding courage,

for she is a woman like me.

And she is Victory.


by Samantha Havela

Samantha Havela is a daydreamer, a writer, a poet, and a feminist. Because words have shaped her life, she hopes to inspire others with her own.

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