Women’s March on Washington

The one thing that I am most grateful for in my life is that I was raised in an absolutely amazing family. My family is expecting us to succeed and pushes us to step out of our comfort zone and live life. That being said when the March of Washington has first scheduled my mom, aunts, siblings, and cousins were quick to agree to go to Washington DC and march for women’s rights. I love that I grew up in a family of such strong inspiring women. Excited for weeks, this march was an exciting family gathering.

Day Of March, we woke up at my house at 6:30 am after my family stayed over, getting in at 1230am. Everyone got ready quickly and went to go catch the Metro. At 7 in the morning, the place was packed with pink “pussy” hats. Got on the metro but quickly had to stand up because there were many more elders who needed to sit. Talked with many of the women on the march, it was a very positive exciting vibe. Hearing the women talk about why they are marching for, why they are there, each woman doing everything they can to have their voice heard. Absolutely inspiring that I was able to experience such an event. Getting into the city it was crazy, so many pink hats. Pink everywhere and people of all races/genders/ethnicities. Everyone making a stand, doing their part. We quickly were ushered towards the main stage. Not able to see it, but able to hear the speeches and in view of one of the main Megatron video things. Heard a few very empowering speeches. Standing about 7 feet above on a little ledge the view of the crowd was unforgettable. Signs everywhere, people standing on buses, cheering, and good vibes everywhere. We decided to go meet up with our family, which was a task in itself. Walking across a huge crowd like that took probably 30 minutes to get 1 1/2 blocks. Totally cool walking around, got a free t-shirt out of it because of our signs. Met up with the family, which was hype because it just made the experience more exciting. We were trying to find the actual march which was very difficult. Washington DC was not expecting the crowds they got. It was overwhelming, people everywhere you go for miles and miles. After marching for a while it was just the same, another mob of pink hats. The signs and the people you met and saw along the way were unforgettable. The experience itself. We left and got back on the metro to head home. Went out to dinner and then went home and slept for about 19 hours. Exhausted and tired, the next day I just laid in bed watching Netflix and thinking about what I had just experienced.

It’s sad to me that people don’t see how blessed and thankful we all really are. We have so many rights that we once didn’t have or that others around the world are still fighting for. Our rights are on the line and seeing so many people around the world stand up for such an amazing cause gave me hope. it gave me hope that we as a society can overcome the fault in the system that elected our president. I hope that we can stay strong and learn from the mistake, our voice does matter. I hope the privilege to vote or our freedom of speech is not taken for granted. It helped me recognize my passion is to stand up for what I believe in. I can’t work a desk job, I need to do something I’m passionate about, something that makes me feel like I’m making a difference. It gave me a way to relook at life and give me hope. I have hope and I’m not giving up, if anything I’m stronger now than ever.

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