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Written for You

I cannot speak for myself

I cannot tell my father that I appreciate him,

That I know he gets up every single day and sacrifices his time,

He sacrifices his life so that I can have one…


I cannot speak for myself

I cannot tell my father that he is the true definition of a man.

The embodiment of unconditional love


I cannot speak for myself

I can only look at my father with admiration

Can only reach my arms out for comfort

Can only walk alongside him with assurance


I cannot speak for myself



I want my father to know that I love him

On Mondays

On Tuesdays

On Wednesdays

On his saddest days

On his best days

When he feels empty…


In this lifetime, there will never be a day that my heart will beat,

Without the rhythm of my father’s

And I hope that rhythm surpasses all words



Written for You


by Kristina Hopper

Self published author;
Dream Seeker;
Art Curator;


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