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A book of horrors lives in her head.
Its contents are the remains of her past.
The place she has no wish to revisit.
You only know her name, not her story.
Never ask her to tell you what haunts her still
if you are not willing to hold her hand.
Her mind is a battlefield.
A no-mans land but
if you are brave enough to walk with her through the trenches and wade knee-deep in the mire.
You will find a fire.
The flames of her love will then set you ablaze,
only if you dare to look beyond her book cover and her name.

by Maggie56

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa.
I now live in Scotland.
I have CFS which is a very debilitating/unpredictable illness.
I began writing in 2020 at the start of the Pandemic.
At that point, I had no idea it would play such a huge part in my life as it does now!
In 2021 I self-published my first collection of poetry and have since self-published three others.
My writing is now much more diverse than when I began.
I draw a lot on her life experiences when writing, so my poems can be raw.
But I feel that makes my work more relatable to the reader.
I am also a volunteer at Barnardos.uk
I enjoy walks in nature and solo travel.
For more examples of her writing visit her blog.


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