18+ Signs He Only Wants You for Your Body

Are you confused if a guy is really into you or he’s using you for sex? Let’s find out by going over 18+ signs he only wants you for your body. 

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It’s so easy to fall in love but so hard to get out of it. 

Nothing can be worse when you’re dating a guy, and you suspect he only thinks of you as his booty call. I know there’s nothing wrong with wanting a physical relationship unless the other person isn’t aware of it. 

Both men and women desire a sexual connection with their partners, which is not wrong at all. But in the rage of that desire, they pretend to want a relationship too. This can lead to confusion, hurt, and betrayal for the other person. 

People need to be more explicit about what they want and be honest about their real intentions for the other person. Of course, nobody will show up and say, “I want you for your body.” No, it’s never going to happen. 

However, there are ways to show a person that you only want to fulfill your sexual needs and aren’t on the lookout for something serious. I hate to say it, but not every person has good intentions for you or wants to build a long-term relationship. 

But how to know if he only wants sex? Many signs can prove that your man only wants you for your body, not because he loves you.

Not all men, but many men have done Ph.D. in making women feel loved until they get what they want. If you’re someone who’s looking for a long-term relationship and avoids just physical contact, this article is for you.  

In this article, you’ll get your confusion sorted as to whether your man’s horny behavior is normal or if he wants sex but not a relationship. Whether it’s the initial dating stage or weeks being with this guy, these signs will prove whether the guy likes you or he’s using you for your body! 

18+ signs he only wants you for your body! 

It’s really hurtful when you’re being used or taken advantage of by the people you love and trust the most. But you know what? With bad comes good. 

It’s good that you finally discovered his true intentions with you and can make the decision to leave him. Now, you can find someone who not only wants you for your body but also for your fantastic personality, humor, intelligence, and that cute face!

Here are some signs he’s using you for sex: 

1. He praises you for your body. 

If a guy constantly compliments you on your body, then it’s clear that he’s not noticing other precious parts of you. Most of his compliments are about your breasts, butt, legs, or other sexual things about your body. 

Some compliments may be like: 

  • “You’ve got an amazing body.” 
  • “I love that booty.” 
  • “You got a really sexy pair of legs.” 
  • “Has anyone told you that you’ve got a great body, or should I”?

If a guy gives you these types of compliments by replying to your picture or while meeting you, then know “he’s only interested in my body.” These compliments mostly come from guys who only admire your body and nothing else. 

2. He doesn’t show any interest in getting to know you. 

A man who’s really into you will be interested in learning more about you rather than just praising your physical attributes. Clearly, he only talks about what he likes from the overview and has no interest in getting to know you personally. 

If he’s not emotionally connected with you, he won’t ask you about your day, family, friends, things you like and do not like, and much more. All he talks about is sex. Do you know why? Because all he wants is sex. 

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3. He’s high on touching games. 

When you go out on a date with this guy, he’s constantly touching you, holding hands, grabbing you from the waist, or being too close. If he keeps on trying to lay his filthy hands on you, he’s obsessed with your body, and he wants sex but not a relationship! 

Even if we try to take this positively, too much touching is not good unless you feel comfortable about it. If you think he’s trying to get too far with his touches, it shows signs you are just an object to him. 

Protect yourself at all costs and end the date right there! 

4. He often asks you for your nudes. 

No guy comes up to you saying, “I only want your body.” But fortunately, they all leave signs he’s obsessed with your body.

There’s nothing wrong with trading nudes in a relationship as long as you feel comfortable and have trust in each other. 

If it’s the beginning of a relationship and the very first thing he asks for is nudes, question yourself—is he using me for my body? He does not only ask but begs and pressurizes you to send them to the point where he even gets mad at you for not doing it. 

It would be best if you were honest with yourself in such a case. Do you really want this horny kid because it’s a clear sign he’s using you? Not just because he’s asking for nudes but because he’s impatient and doesn’t respect your privacy and decisions. 

5. He only calls when he wants something.

Relationships are two-way streets, and they don’t work when efforts are put in from one side. When the person you’re seeing is only available when he needs some sexual time, it shows signs he’s using you for sex and nothing else. 

Needy people will never be available when you need any emotional support, advice, or comfort. However, they’ll show up as quickly as a fox when it’s about their sexual needs.

This is one of the signs he’s using you for sex. Know that you deserve someone who’s there for you emotionally and physically, not just when they think it’s pants-off time. Be with someone who loves your mind and heart as much as he loves your body! 

6. He doesn’t take you out on dates. 

Know that if a guy is constantly ignoring outdoor dates or making excuses to meet you somewhere outside, then it’s one of the signs he just wants to get laid. 

He will insist you on meeting indoors rather than outdoors because he wants to cozy up in bed with you. Going on dates in an enclosed space also increases the chances of making out and being sexually intimate with each other. 

This situation may happen when you guys have spent enough time together or have been on a few dates. Now he’s showing his true colors and making it obvious that all he wants is sex. 

When setting up dates, are you wondering, “Is it just sex or more?” When there’s no real connection, he may come up with some common excuses like:

  • “How about we stay indoors today?”
  • “I hate public places.”
  • “I want to spend some alone time with you.”
  • “Let’s skip the crowd today.”

If any of this feels different from what you want, you don’t have to fall for these cheesy comments. Be brave and skip the person. Find someone with whom you can explore new places and talk about your feelings for hours! 

couple with girl being taken out on a date

7. He barely gets romantic.

Not to mention that our generation is pretty confused with this concept—being romantic and being sexual are two very different things. 

Guys who really like you will get romantic and also sexual sometimes. However, those who don’t really try to build a spiritual connection will only use you by trying to be sexual with you. 

But how to know if he just wants sex? 

Romance is when you’re holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes while talking, hugging, kissing, and getting smoothly physical. On the other hand, being sexual is when a guy crosses his limit and makes you uncomfortable by trying to have sex. 

How to know a guy just wants you sexually? If the guy you’re dating is very sexual—talks about sex, comments on your body, and is trying to seduce you all the time—then he’s using you for sex.  

8. There’s no growth in your relationship. 

Here’s the thing, relationships aren’t just about sex. They are about connection, love, hate, tolerance, support, romance, friendship, feelings, and mutual growth. If there’s no progress in your relationship, then something’s wrong. 

But what could be wrong? A relationship depends on two people, and if it isn’t growing, maybe you two want different things. While you’re expecting to build a strong bond in a relationship, he may be looking for just sex. 

It’s always possible to get out of things that don’t fulfill your needs and wants. If you’re looking for much more in a relationship than just bang-bang time, you deserve to walk out of that affinity. 

How to tell if a guy only wants you sexually? This point proves it well. It’s time you chat with your partner about your dissimilarities and get over him. 

9. He doesn’t show interest in your family or friends. 

How to confirm that my boyfriend only wants me sexually? When a guy is not interested in knowing about your family or friends, it shows that he’s not thinking of building a serious relationship with you. 

If you’re dating a guy who’s not keen to know about you or your circle and doesn’t even tell much about himself, it’s a sign he just wants sex. Without proper communication, nothing can work, and he’s just taking you as a fling. 

Here are some communicational signs that’ll clear your confusion when you’re wondering, “does he like me, or is it just physical?” 

  • You’re the only one who texts first
  • Almost all his texts are about something sexual 
  • He always gives flirty replies 
  • You feel like he’s ghosting you
  • You hear from him when he’s needy 

Not to mention that when we like someone, we cannot control our excitement to talk to them. The above signs make it clear that all he talks about is sex, and all he wants is sex. 

10. His words don’t match his behavior. 

It hurts when you see those slight changes in a person’s behavior and when they are no longer standing up to their promises. 

Like, if he says he’ll always be for you, but yet you feel all alone. He says that he’ll be the one to listen to you, but he’s too busy even to hear your needs in a relationship. He doesn’t set goals in a relationship, and his behavior is all about seducing you! 

These are some signs that prove he only talks to you when it’s convenient for him and doesn’t care about you. It’s also a clear sign he’s using you. Remember that when a guy uses you for sex, all they do is lie and doesn’t know the word honesty.

11. He leaves right after he gets what he wants.

This a promising sign to check whether your partner is building something serious with you or he is using you for sex. 

Does he care, or is he using me? If you guys have been physical and you notice that he doesn’t stay after having sex or makes excuses to leave, he’s using you. 

As soon as you finish being sexual, he begins looking for ways to get away from you. This may leave you wondering, “does he only want me for sex?” 

If you wanna know for sure, you must observe if he’s still caring, loving, and romantic after sex. In case you had sex at his place and he asks you, “when are you leaving?” or tells you he got something important to do. This sign is pretty clear he wants nothing more than your body. 

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12. All his date plans start and end at “his place.”

If a guy is asking you to meet at his place for a date, it’s one of the signs he wants to get laid. When deciding on a date spot, he keeps mentioning that his house would be the ideal place for it. 

In reality, his room is not the ideal place for a date but for some really sexual time. He’s just trying to lure you in and use your body for his physical needs. Moreover, he doesn’t care if you have a good time or not. 

You can easily catch this sign when a guy strongly insists you meet at his place. You should know that if this is not your thing, you can choose to stay away from it. You can decline his house date request if you don’t feel comfortable about it. 

13. He openly flirts with other women.

Flirting is a common dating language nowadays; some guys do it openly, and some prefer to do it privately. A man who’s really into you won’t look at other women, let alone flirt with them. 

On the other hand, guys who want you only for your bodies will not even blink before flirting with other women. They don’t care about your feelings and are only looking to increase their body count. 

If the guy you’re dating tells you things like, “look, that woman is attractive,” “look at her body,” “I like her style,” or “she’s too good to be true,” he wants you to entice him by being more sexual towards him. 

Maybe he shows you sexy pictures of women to define his taste in women. Then, chances are he’s only interested in your body, and he’s showing you those pictures to hint at his true intentions! 

14. You feel like you’re stuck. 

Intuitions are never wrong. If you feel like this current relationship or situation is not right, then maybe it’s really not.

If a sex-driven companionship is not what you want and you feel stuck in this situation, take a strong step and get out of the relationship. I know how it feels when you’re questioning yourself, “does he care or is he using me?”

Well, if he did, you wouldn’t be feeling stuck with him. You can try your best to fix this relationship, but it’s not going to work if both partners want different things from each other. 

It’s better to end it at the right time and protect your peace. You don’t deserve to feel unloved just because he wants sex but not a relationship. 

What to do if he only wants me for my body? 

Physical relationships are expected these days, and people usually make it pretty clear about what they want and what not. To fulfill their sexual desire, most men and women are getting involved in FWB relationships (Friends with benefits), where they sexually satisfy each other without forming something serious. 

These kinds of affinities are better suited for people with the same horny mindset. However, if this is not what you want in a relationship, it’s time to immediately bring down the connection. 

Not just because he’s using you and begging for sex but because he’s not respecting your thoughts and feelings about an ideal relationship. If you’re not the type who wants just a physical relationship, you’ll hurt yourself by thinking that there will be something more than sex here! 

If you’re someone who’s looking for a long-term relationship, this is your sign to move on from this person. Look for someone romantic and intimate who’ll offer you the kind of love you desire! 

15. He only wants to see you late at night. 

If the guy you’re dating insists on meeting you late at night, the first question that comes to mind is—what are his intentions? What’s wrong with meeting in the daytime? Okay, nights can be romantic and fun, but why always night? 

couple in bed with girl on top

The reason could be that he’s grabbing all his chances of being sexual with you. He’s choosing nighttime for dates as that’s more relevant to his intentions. You may feel physically used and think, “does he only want me sexually?” 

The answer is yes. 

If he cannot consider going out with you during the day and is constantly asking you to meet at night, it is one of the signs he only wants you for your body. Remember to keep your safety a priority and leave him as soon as you can! 

16. He’s only asking you for drink dates. 

If a guy is specifically asking or pressuring you for drink dates, then be smart and observe, “does he like me, or is it just physical?” Guys asking for alcoholic drinks can be expected. But is he insisting on getting drunk on the first date? No, it’s not normal. 

Not to ignore the fact that people are unstable when drunk, and it’s easier to get physical with them. Be careful; start with coffee dates, sunny lunches, and small road trips. Get to know each other well, and then go for drinks (only if you wish). 

17. He doesn’t take “no” for an answer.

An essential mutual thing that a relationship should have is respect for personal decisions. It must be pretty clear that “no” means no!

If you feel uncomfortable doing something and say no to it, your partner should be ethical enough to understand. But in this case, your partner doesn’t like to take no for an answer even when you’re not in a mood. Then not only he’s using you but also not respecting your privacy either. 

Remember that you should never feel pressurized to have sex if you’re not in the mood. Guys who cannot stand it when you say no, don’t deserve you. You deserve someone who not only respects you but values your needs! 

18. He doesn’t respect your boundaries. 

When a guy is all about himself, he’ll never respect you or care about your boundaries. If your partner makes you feel, “why do guys only want me for my body,” then you’re dealing with a guy who’s using you like an object to have fun with. He’ll ignore all your needs and will focus on his desires. 

Some examples that he doesn’t show any respect about this relationship or you can be: 

  • “He ignores your opinions or doesn’t ask for one.”
  • “He’ll make you do something that is out of your boundary lines.”
  • “He’s rude to you.”
  • “He ignores you or goes ghosting mode for no reason.” 
  • “He is never available for your emotional needs.” 

A guy who likes you for who you are will not only respect you but take proper care of you. Remember, ladies, do not settle for anything less than what you deserve!   

FAQs—Signs he only wants you for your body

When your guy makes you feel like he’s using you for sex, it’s only natural to get several questions that haunt you. You may keep asking yourself, 

  • Is he just using me for sex?
  • What does sex mean to a man? 
  • Why does he always use me?
  • Do guys think about sex all the time? 
  • How to tell if someone is using you emotionally? 
  • How to know if a guy is using you? 

These questions can soon begin hurting your feelings and making you emotionally weak, to a point where you stop understanding your own needs and wants. 

It’s imperative to get out of a relationship that doesn’t serve you and is only focused on the needs of one person. Moreover, it’s senseless to be with someone who doesn’t want the same things that you want from dating. 

So, here are some FAQs that may help sort issues when you’re seeing signs he only wants you for your body: 

Is he just using me for sex? 

In case he’s showing all the above signs, there’s no denying that he’s using you for sex. He’s not only using you but also forcing his desires upon you so much that you ignore your own needs to fulfill his. 

He may casually manipulate you into thinking that relationships are all about physical intimacy. Even more, you may start to believe there’s nothing more to bonding than having sex and satisfying each other’s desires. But that’s not true. 

There is so much more to love than just the sexual bit! 

What does sex mean to a man? 

For the real men out there, sex can feel like the most intense, heartfelt sharing of himself he can ever imagine! 

It’s not just a horny deal or a simulated release of sexual tension. For men, sex is the experience of giving his all in an attempt to become as close as possible to his lover. Perhaps, that’s not the case for every man out there! 

Some men become so obsessed with their sexual desires and pleasures that they start manipulating women to get their way. And you may be dealing with such a man. 

If your partner is showing signs he only wants you for your body, now is the perfect time to get away from him. 

Why does he always use me?

If you’re beginning to ask yourself “why does he always use me,” the reason can be that you’re being manipulated into being used. 

He’s forcing his wild desires on you so much that you have started feeling stuck in his claws. You’re starting to take action as per his wishes, and satisfying him has become a goal in your relationship. 

You should know that this is not normal. You don’t have to serve someone’s needs and wants while getting nothing in return. A relationship is a two-way street that works best when both partners are putting in equal effort and taking care of each other’s emotional and physical needs. 

If your guy does nothing to make you feel loved and keeps asking for physical intimacy, then he’s coaxing you into fake love. Your best option here is to break up and move on from him! 

Do guys think about sex all the time? 

Guys do think about sex a lot, but not all the time! 

However, they think about sex nearly twice as much as women do. And they also fantasize about casual sex more than women do. So to answer this question, men don’t think about sex all the time, but they surely think about it more than women. 

Nonetheless, you may be in a different situation than this. You guy could be a sex-driven person and only desire physical intimacy from you. That’s not entirely wrong. But if he was secretive about his sex-only desires when starting to date, you may be with the wrong person. 

Bottom line  

Let me be clear again; there’s nothing wrong with wanting a physical relationship. But people with these intentions should pair up with similar partners. They must keep their intentions clear when asking someone out for a relationship. 

For people who are looking for an emotionally intimate connection or who are searching for a long-term commitment, It’s time you become honest about your feelings. Just physical intimacy may not be what you’re craving from a loving partner. 

You’re looking for someone to share your life with. That’s why you should be very honest when dating someone new. Keep all your cards upfront, so your lover knows what kind of love you’re expecting from a relationship. 

This will save you a lot of time and effort and also improve your dating experience. 

Most often, people looking for an emotionally romantic relationship pair up with people who’re only chasing physical intimacy. This results in heartbreak, trust issues, and bad dating experience. 

So always try to learn about a person thoroughly before deciding to date them! 

Now that you know all the signs he only wants you for your body, I hope you’ll have a better conclusion that he’s using you for your body and nothing else. It’s about time you open your eyes to the kind of treatment you deserve in this world, baby girl!


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