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Will He Ever Come Back? 20+ Signs He Will Never Come Back to You! 

“Will he ever come back to me?” 

This is a question almost every girl asks herself when she starts missing her ex after an inevitable breakup. Followed with, “will he ever contact me again?” “how do I know he’s over me?” to finally accept, “I don’t think he’s coming back.” 

If you, too, are in a similar situation and cannot figure out “is he done or just mad?” you’re at the right place. In today’s article, we’ll be listing down 20+ signs he will never come back to you. 

These straightforward signs will confirm that you’ve lost your love forever, and he’s done with you! 

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20+ Signs he will never come back any more! 

Moving past a hurtful breakup is never easy. No matter who dumped who, separating from the person you loved or cared about will involve pain; you can’t deny that or run away from it. 

You will feel pain. You will feel lonely. Most of all, you’ll have to accept that all the plans and promises you made together will disappear along with that person. 

It can soon become exhausting to be stuck wondering whether you should move on or wait for your ex to come back. The worst part is that you may never be sure of his return, and waiting for him will only set you back in life.  

In case you try to contact him even when he’s giving you the cold shoulder, it will hurt you more. He may ignore your calls or lead you on with false hopes, which is why it’s better to examine your position in his life first. 

The best way to do so is by observing signs you won’t get back together. If he is giving off the below-mentioned signs, you should know he’s not coming back

1. You broke up terribly. 

Only a few relationships end calmly, with both partners discussing their respective issues and mutually deciding to part ways. However, the contrary happens with the rest of them. 

Most relationships end so terribly that it becomes impossible to patch them up. Hypothetically, a relationship usually breaks apart like a glass jar falling from a lengthy height. 

Indeed, you may sometimes find big pieces of the glass jar and think of sticking it back up. But it’s impossible to renew it completely. Even if you do restore it, the cracks in the recycled glass jar will begin getting unstable with time and result in the jar breaking apart again. 

By that time, you will start wondering whether it was worth fixing the jar in the first place. The same is with relationships. A severely broken relationship never gets restored the way it was. 

Don’t waste your precious time hoping “my ex will come back” if your separation was like the glass jar drop. It is one of the signs he won’t come back after a breakup. 

Feel the inevitable grief of losing him, get back on your feet and move on. Who knows? You may stumble upon a new partner who chooses to love you without ever leaving. 

2. You both said irrevocable, hurtful things.

“You’re the most regretful part of my life. I wish I could change it. I don’t know why I was even with you.” — My ex (I never returned to her) 

When a couple is breaking up, partners often say disturbing things to each other in rage, hurt, and anger. Many of these awful things can’t be forgotten or forgiven, even with the most heartfelt apologies. 

Only those listening to such painful words can understand how much they can destroy even the most substantial feelings. 

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Do you remember exchanging harsh, out-of-the-line insults with each other? Maybe you got too personal when breaking up with your partner, insulted him, and even involved his family members’ names. 

If your ill words cut sharp through his heart, the impact won’t allow him to come back to you. Maybe he said terrible things about you, too; then there’s a high chance you may not want him, either. 

If you believe you crossed lines when talking bad to him, it’s one of the signs you’ll never hear from him again! A bad-mouthed breakup often shows signs he will never forgive you. 

3. It felt far too stretched.

Not every relationship you get into will last forever. In fact, a person goes through an average of six relationships in their lifetime. So, it’s okay to say that your recent affinity was not meant to be your final one! 

Did you feel like your relationship had ended long ago, but you insisted on latching on to it? Sometimes, both partners realize that it will never work out for them, but they don’t separate as it would take too much effort. 

If you don’t break up when you should, it’s a bond of convenience, not love. This results in the stretching of a companionship that should have been over long ago. 

When the split finally happens, it’s better to detach yourself from that person and move on. He’s doing the same, anyway. Ending such a stretched relationship is a sign that he’s never coming back. 

4. He suggests you move on. 

Leaving your special person in the past is the last thing you may want to do after breaking up. The painful decision of letting him go won’t be your ideal choice, especially if you’re expecting him to return to you. 

If you’re not ready to move on, that’s okay. Have patience and give yourself time. Maybe he will really come back for you. Perhaps, if he’s advising you to move on from him and start seeing other people, he’s showing signs he is done with you. 

A person who still loves you after a breakup will never ask you to go away. But in this case, your ex is asking you to move on from him. You don’t need anything else to realize there’s nothing left between you. 

5. He avoids communicating with you. 

One of the most unmistakable signs you’ll never get back together is that he entirely stopped communicating with you since you separated! 

He avoids your calls and texts and never responds back to you. Not just that, he ignores any type of communication you try to initiate with him. He has even said no when you invited him to hang out just as friends. 

In such circumstances, many women start believing “true love is when he ignores you.” But the only truth here is that he’s never coming back.

You’ll only seem needy and desperate if you keep texting or calling him. You must know when to stop reaching out and move on from him. If you’ve tried your best and still never managed to get a positive response from him, quit thinking he’ll ever come back! 

6. You’re blocked on all social media accounts.

If a guy plans on returning to someone he loves, he will never remove that person from his social accounts. On the contrary, he might even post relatable stories or other things in an apparent attempt to get your attention. 

Is this also the case for you? Or has he removed you from his social media altogether? 

If your ex has blocked or removed you from his social profiles, it’s one of the clear signs you will never get back together. He has gotten rid of you because he no longer wishes to engage with you in any way. 

You should also cut your ties with him and block him in return!

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7. He has returned your belongings.

One of the most evident signs a man is done with the relationship is when he returns all your belongings! 

When you still have feelings for your ex-partner, you hold onto memories of your togetherness. You hug their belongings, listen to their favorite songs, and find it difficult to remove their pictures from your phone. 

In simple words, you may realize how hard it is to break up and move on when you recall everything you shared with your ex-partner. Special dates, gifts, clothes, and personal items—things like this often remind you of your ex from time to time. 

However, your ex doesn’t seem interested in holding on to your belongings so that there are no memories left to recall. They have returned all of your stuff and decided to forget you completely. 

If you’re wondering, “my ex returned all my stuff; does it mean he’ll never come back?” then you’re probably right. He would have never returned your belongings if he wanted to preserve the slightest possibility of returning to you! 

8. He’s already in a new, committed relationship.

After breaking up, it is only natural for people to start seeing other people. It helps them move on, understand their love language, and find someone who better coordinates with their feelings. 

Similarly, if your ex has also started dating someone new and they seem pretty serious for each other, it is one of the signs he will not come back. 

Respect his choice of moving on earlier than you, and get on with your life. Trust me, not every guy you date will be your forever partner. In fact, dating multiple people will help you learn more about yourself and realize the kind of love you expect from your partner! 

There’s someone better for you out there. Gather yourself and hop back on the journey of finding your soulmate. 

9. He is not the same person anymore.

How long has it been since you guys broke up? Was it recently, or did you date years ago and still wait for him to come back? 

If you are waiting for him to return after years of separation, getting back together may just be a daydream. You should realize that time changes a person more than anything else does. 

Your ex-partner may also be a completely different man now. He’s not how he used to be, which is necessarily not a bad thing. It’s the nature of life—people constantly grow together and grow apart. Not every person you meet in life will stay till the end. 

If your ex-boyfriend has changed a lot since you last dated, it’s one of the signs he’s over you! 

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10. His dating history isn’t promising.

Does your ex have a history of loving and leaving? Has he consistently grown bored of his romantic partners and dumped them out of spite? If yes, he’ll probably do the same with you, without thinking twice! 

Flashy men like this are bullies from the inside. They decide to love people as per their wishes and leave them whenever they feel like it! 

The concept of being in a loving relationship and respecting a partner isn’t very clear in their minds. No matter how much you try to fix such a man, you’ll always be doomed to heartbreak and failure. 

If your ex is such an ungrateful person, it’s okay to assume that he has too much pride to come back. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t be waiting for such a man either. Instead, tell him to go away and never come back! 

11. He’s rude to you. 

Humans are sent to earth as the most complex machine ever. It is nearly impossible to totally understand how a human brain thinks and how a human heart feels. This is why it is common for a person to make mistakes in their life, as well as in a relationship. 

However, your ex-partner doesn’t seem to be over your past mistakes and talks rudely to you because of them. He speaks ill about you in front of other people and also throws insults to your face. 

If a person treats you poorly (even if it’s someone you used to love), leave them alone. You don’t deserve to listen to any harsh words or handle any kind of disrespectful behavior. 

Loving an ill-mannered person or waiting for them to return to your life is the worst you can do to yourself. Wallowing over your past relationship can steal a lot of good years from your life. 

It’s time to leave him alone and move on with your life! If he’s being rude, it’s one of the signs your ex doesn’t want to be friends. Leave him in the dust! 

12. He avoids your friends and family.

If he was just avoiding you, there could have been a possibility that he’s seeking your attention with that behavior. However, if he has started ignoring your friends and even family, he’s trying to make an absolute break. 

He isn’t joining in events that overlap your friend groups and is also staying away from parties where any of your people may show up. If he’s trying to part from your close ones, too, it’s one of the signs he is cutting you off! 

13. He proposes to be only friends. 

Calmly ending a relationship with mutual decisions is the best way to break up! This way, your separation does not significantly threaten your mental health, and you can move on healthily. 

Staying friends after breaking up has become common in the modern world. However, if staying friends was your ex’s idea, it’s clear he doesn’t have any interest in being in a romantic relationship with you again. 

He has chosen to be your friend because he likes your vibe and respects the person you are. But if you’re assuming he wants something more, you should know a guy never befriends the girl he loves. 

If he has decided to be friends with you, it’s one of the signs he’s done with you romantically. He is just seeing a friend in you, nothing else. 

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14. He has put zero effort into you since the breakup. 

When a man loves you, even after breaking up, he will still place you as his top priority. He would always ensure you’re okay and indirectly try to support you. Not only that, he’d make you feel even more special in hopes of getting you back someday! 

However, if he decides to leave you alone, he’ll create an emotional wall between you. This wall is an ultimatum that nothing would bring down; it simply means that the chapter of you and him is over. 

That means he won’t come to save you when you’re in trouble, he won’t flinch even if you’re having a bad day, and he will simply try to stay detached. Moreover, he wouldn’t care even if you directly tell him that you’re having a bad day. 

If you notice this or feel as if he has stopped putting every ounce of effort into you, it shows signs you lost him forever! When he makes you feel like “my ex doesn’t care,” he literally doesn’t. 

15. He’s sleeping with other women. 

Going on dates or hanging out with other people after a breakup is a healthy thing to do. You feel light-hearted, distract yourself from grief, and look for a way out of your emotional pain. 

It’s actually good to see new people. But if your ex has started sleeping around with many women, you can assume that “it is one of the signs my ex will never talk to me again.” 

Making love is one of the purest forms of sharing intimate feelings in the world. When you love someone deeply, it connects your body to their body in a spiritual, emotional bond. No matter how much you sleep around, this special bond cannot be felt with other people! 

Nonetheless, if your ex-partner has been having sex with multiple women, he has gotten rid of that special bond he had for you. Are you still wondering, “will he come back?” The fact that he has no problems sleeping around with other people declares that he is never coming back! 

16. No eye contact at all.

You must have heard this line—eyes talk louder than words. 

Eye contact is one of the most crucial ways of connecting with one another. Without eye contact, you may never have a serious conversation with anyone. 

So if your ex-partner avoids eye contact with you, the answer is simple—he isn’t interested in talking to you anymore. He’s rejecting you before you even initiate an interaction with him. 

17. He isn’t jealous of your new romantic relationships.

When your ex is looking for a way to get back together, he will go crazy if he learns you got into a new relationship. The fact that you’re not his lover anymore would be hard to digest, and it’d make him feel unsettled. 

However, in your case, he is showing almost zero interest in your love life and doesn’t even want to know who you choose to date. He shows no signs of envy and is pretty cool about you getting into a romantic relationship. 

So if you’re still thinking, “is he coming back?” No, he’s not. The fact that he has had no interest in your love life ever since you broke up shows that he left me like I was nothing!

“Will he ever want me back?” He doesn’t even feel jealous even when you are dating someone else. So it’s hard to tell if he’ll ever want you back. 

18. He told you—I don’t love you anymore!

How to know your ex isn’t coming back? If he says it directly that he doesn’t love you anymore and has moved on in life, it’s one of the signs he will never come back! 

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The feeling of rejection or abandonment can be overwhelming. However, if he admits directly, “I don’t love you anymore,” you don’t need any other signs he will never come back. 

It may be a hard pill to swallow at first, but you’ll soon be able to look at this differently. You’ll realize that every relationship you get into helps you learn something new about the world and also yourself. 

You may have to let go of people, but the teachings from their affinities will always remain. Rather than clinging to his memories or waiting around for him, accept that “my ex isn’t coming back.” 

Give yourself some time and put effort into improving and loving yourself. Fill your life’s empty parts with new hobbies, activities, and feelings, and forget about him. The best you can do here is to go on with your life! 

19. He doesn’t engage with your flirting or sweet talking. 

“I flirted with my ex, and he doesn’t seem to be interested in me anymore. He said he doesn’t want me back. Why won’t he take me back?” 

After your relationship has ended, it is natural for your romantic advances or flirting to become a tad bit useless. Even if you talk sweetly with him or hint that you still like him, he may show his disinterest in engaging with you! 

This is one of the clear signs he will never come back. If he was still into you, he’d look for an opportunity to compliment you, spend time with you, and make sweet gestures and flirtatious situations. However, if your ex dismisses your interactive behavior, he’s simply asking you to stop coming back to him. 

20. You’ve got the gut feeling he’s not coming back. 

Above all the signs he will never come back; if you have the gut feeling he’s not coming back, then trust it! There’s no better way to learn the truth than your gut feeling. 

When your heart is telling you to stop waiting for him, you must not deny it because your gut never lies. Do you feel like, 

  • My ex doesn’t care about me. 
  • My ex never reached out. 
  • My ex never talked to me again. 

Then probably, he’s already over you and has moved on in life. It’d be best if you could do the same! 

All of the points mentioned above show signs he will never come back. If you’re getting these signs from your ex, it’s time to accept the bitter reality and start moving forward. 

If you keep latching on to his memories or waiting for him to return, you’d waste many crucial months or even years of your life. In the end, you’d only be left with regret and more pain. 

When your ex shows signs he will never come back, you should accept the truth and move on. I know it may not be as easy as I’m saying right now, but that’s what’s necessary! 

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FAQs—Signs he will never come back

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions if you’re wondering, “will he ever want me back?” These FAQs will further resolve your confusion on whether you should wait for your ex or move on: 

Question 1. Do guys ever realize what they lost? 

Yes, they do, sooner or later. 

Men don’t usually feel regret right after breaking up with you. In fact, it can take as long as six months for them to start regretting losing a good woman. 

Guys realize what they lost when they slow down in life and learn some humility! Then, they feel depressed, sad, upset, lost, lonely, and so many more intense emotions that girls may never go through. 

Question 2. Will he come back after working on himself? 

He may or may not return, but the best plan in this scenario is to assume that he’s not coming back! 

A relationship is healthy and prosperous when partners work together through hardships and painful circumstances. If one of the two partners wishes to take a break to work on themselves, it’s not such a good thing to do. 

This is because your partner thinks he cannot grow together with you. He doesn’t trust the strength of your connection and believes he would never reach far while being your boyfriend. 

So he decided to leave you and work on himself alone. The fact that he doesn’t see you as a potential long-term partner means he’s not coming back. It’s one of the signs he’ll never come back! 

Question 3. Will he come back if we never dated? 

By this question, I assume we’re talking about a guy you liked, and maybe he wanted you to, but you never dated. You guys came close but never got together in a relationship. So will he come back if you never dated? 

Yes and no. 

If this guy liked your vibe and appreciated the kind of person you were, there’s a chance he’d come back to give dating you a try. He may reach out and restart things from where they were left. 

However, if he moved away from you because he didn’t like your vibe, chances are he will never come back. A guy who met you, spent a lot of time in your aura, and engaged with you several times, knows what kind of a person you are. 

Even after knowing you, if he still left or stopped talking to you, then you might not be the kind of girl he’s looking for. In such a case, waiting for this guy is useless and a waste of time! 

Question 4. Do guys come back after breaking up with you? 

The answer to this question can never be universal. For some people, their exes do come back after breaking up; for others, they don’t come back. It really depends from person to person! 

If your love was genuinely authentic and you both cared about each other more than anything in the world, he would surely come back. It might take him some time to realize that you’re the right person for him. But sooner or later, he will return to you in search of the unconditional love that he lost! 

Question 5. How to know if he’ll come back? 

If you keep getting the gut feeling ex will come back, there might be a possibility. However, if no signs prove your assumption or hope, it’d be a sad turn of events. 

Are you wondering, “how to know if he will come back?” Look for these signs to confirm he’ll come back into your life: 

  • He left your number unblocked. 
  • He was sad for weeks, even months, after the breakup. 
  • He’s actively trying to be there in your presence. 
  • He doesn’t return your belongings. 
  • He stays in touch with your friends and family. 
  • He frequently tries to initiate contact with you. 
  • He asks about you from your close ones and also seeks information on your love life. 
  • He has not seen anyone else since separating from you. 
  • He always brings up the past. 
  • He admits he messed up by letting you go. 
  • He drunk texts you on many occasions. 

These are some signs he will come back to you after breaking up. Notice how they are entirely different from the above signs he will never come back. It’s because a person’s behavior is opposite when they want you versus when they don’t. 

Whatever the situation may be – just know that you deserve better. The right guy will come when he’s suppose to, and this was a terrible break up to begin with, you deserve someone who brings you peace in your life and not stress.

Bottom Line 

If you have been through a terrible breakup and have kept missing your ex ever since it’s normal for you to want him back. But whether he will return or not really depends on how he feels. 

If he’s showing you signs he will never come back, then he really won’t. It would be foolish to keep waiting around even after he’s making it clear he’s not coming back. Try to accept reality and move on in your life! 

There are billions of people you are yet to meet, millions of places you’re yet to visit, and unlimited experiences you’re yet to feel. Letting it all go to waste just in the hopes of getting someone back will be a regretful decision. 

If he has made it crystal clear he has moved on, it’s time you do it too!

by Genesis Gutierrez

Genesis is an accomplished entrepreneur, advocate, and coach who has dedicated her career to empowering women around the world. As the CEO of Harness Magazine, a digital media company, she has grown a platform that celebrates and amplifies the voices of women from all walks of life.

A first-generation college graduate with a degree from UCLA and growing up undocumented, Genesis brings a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges that women face in today's world. Her work as a coach has helped countless women find the courage and confidence to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.

Driven by a passion for social justice and a commitment to building a more equitable and inclusive society, Genesis has become a respected voice in the women's empowerment movement.

Through her work with Harness Magazine and as a coach, Genesis continues to inspire and empower women to take control of their lives and create a brighter, more hopeful future for themselves and for generations to come.

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