6 reasons why education is critical for a successful career

This is an incredibly hard question but if we are allowed to throw our hat in the ring we would say that would be the ability to acquire new knowledge.

Granted, some people will try to make a case for some soft skills like endurance, tenacity, and leadership qualities. But, as commendable as these traits might be, we have to admit we are living in a world that is evolving at a rapid pace. In a situation like this, isn’t the ability to keep up with the pace and leverage the benefit of formal education in your back pocket the single most valuable asset you can rely upon?

Let us break down this interesting topic in greater detail.

Establishing professional credentials

In the world of business, the professionals are assessed by the quality of work they manage to put out. But, even with things as they are, no one can deny that no matter whether you are just starting out or you have spent years in the industry, formal education can do nothing but boost the credibility you have in professional circles. We can apply this claim to a whole array of situations that make a critical part of corporate life ranging from pitching the business idea to closing negotiation. A person that has put enough effort into education and self-improvement always makes a more commendable impression.

Networking opportunities

Entrepreneurship and business word, in general, are built on networking. These acquaintances can be used for getting access to more favorable deals, forging lucrative partnerships, earning favors with the larger corporate entities, or in countless other critical situations. Well, keeping that in mind it is good to know that universities, schools, courses, and other instances where young professionals can earn their credentials make incredibly fertile soil for forging these professional relationships. So, the time spent on acquiring professional skills can, at the same time, be spent on establishing your professional brand.

Access to streamlined and systemized knowledge

Human beings have an endless capacity to acquire new knowledge and skills. But much like in any other field of human activity, this one doesn’t rely entirely on the end result but also on how fast and efficiently you are able to get to the finish line. And, it should be obvious that formal education has found a way to make this pursuit of knowledge as streamlined as possible. For instance, if you are studying in the UK, you can simply check the University of Manchester projects database and find the materials you need to easily get through the curriculum. Doing all these things off the grid only wastes valuable time and resources.

Improved productivity

No educational institution can make you prepared for all the challenges that will await you once you start making your career as an entrepreneur. But, the skills you acquire will definitely allow you to face these obstacles with greater speed, efficiency, and confidence which can have a tremendous impact on your overall productivity. This is a great asset since, as we mentioned in the introduction, the present-day business world is incredibly hectic, relentless, and in most cases requires split-second reactions. The ability to do more with less time and make informed decisions is surely one of the ways out of this maze.

Developing valuable soft skills

So yeah, we can’t go around the fact that your ability to deal with different personal and professional challenges is just as critical for your career as an entrepreneur as any kind of knowledge about the field of work you have chosen to tackle. Here, formal education gets undeserved flak as a system that is spoonfeeding you with knowledge that has no real-life value. But education does build you into a stronger and more confident person and, through valuable challenges, encourages your tenacity, work habits, negotiation skills, critical thinking, and all other skills you will use over the course of your career.

Learning how to learn

Last but not least, we have to quickly cover one of the less talked about but at the same time one of the valuable skills you will get by enrolling in some kind of course where you will get an opportunity to work with professional educators and systemized curriculums. To put it simply, formal education gives you the tools you can use to acquire new knowledge in the most optimized manner and develops the habit of doing that on a daily basis. Once you master these valuable learning and time-management techniques you will be able to apply them to all problems waiting for you ahead. These skills are nothing short of priceless.

So, we hope this short breakdown gave you a general idea about just how valuable education can be for your career as an entrepreneur both in terms of the business-specific knowledge you can get there and the valuable skills you can pick up along the way. But, if there is a single benefit we can take out of this discussion that would be the ability to adapt and face new challenges with confidence and curiosity. This perk alone can completely change your career and launch you right into the stratosphere. 

by Carolin Petterson

Carolin Petterson is a businesswoman and content marketer with years of experience under her belt. She has had the opportunity to contribute to a number of popular business and marketing websites.


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