Harmonizing Passions: The Inspiring Journey of Katelin Brunson-Barrera – A Nurse and Singer-Songwriter

Meet Katelin Brunson-Barrera, a talented registered nurse and independent artist whose passion for music has led her on a remarkable journey of self-expression and creativity. Balancing her healthcare career with her aspirations as a singer-songwriter, Katelin pours her heart and soul into every note and lyric, drawing inspiration from personal experiences and the world around her. In this interview, she shares insights into her music journey, the challenges she’s faced, and her aspirations for the future, offering valuable tips on maintaining a healthy work-life balance along the way.

Can you share a bit more about your journey from being a registered nurse to pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter?

I still practice as a registered nurse and an independent artist in my free time, I work Per diem because I still need to support myself and my music career. I feel grateful I have my husband how also supports me financially and encourages me 

What inspired you to start writing songs, and how has music helped you navigate through challenging situations?

For me, songwriting has always been a way to express myself and make sense of the world around me.

I began to write songs to help me make sense of those situations that I had experienced. I put my thoughts and feelings on paper and sang the words I hadn’t said aloud before. I find inspiration in everything from my own personal experiences to the stories of others (with permission). Sometimes it’s a melody that pops into my head out of nowhere, and other times it’s a deep emotion or a thought that I need to explore further.

Music has been a constant companion through both joyful moments and difficult times. When faced with challenges, writing and listening to music can be incredibly cathartic. It allows me to process my emotions, find solace, and even discover new perspectives. There’s something about the combination of melody, rhythm, and lyrics that has a unique ability to touch the soul and provide comfort during tough times. It’s like a friend who’s always there to lend a listening ear and offer support without judgment.

Moreover, sharing my music with others creates a sense of connection and community. Knowing that my songs resonate with someone else, or that they’ve been able to find solace or inspiration in my music, is incredibly fulfilling. It reinforces the idea that we’re not alone in our struggles and that music has the power to bring us together, even when we’re miles apart.

What were some of the biggest struggles or challenges you faced during your music journey, and how did you overcome them?

Music industry is a messy yet beautiful place and I’ve met many people that wanna uplift me and also want to tear me down. I’m a growing independent artist so constructive feedback when given I am open to and take into consideration. But as an artist-musician I cannot listen to everyone’s opinion about me; it can cloud my creativity and it’s not healthy for my mental health either. Setting boundaries and taking social media breaks are how I cope.

What lessons have you learned along the way that you wish you knew when you first started your music career?

Talent isn’t enough to carry a music career. An artist must be a communicator because things can get lost in translation through social media DM, email or Zoom call. Always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and if need be walk away from a project when needed. Have some type of work ethic to help keep structure- since I’m independent I must stay organized. And be open to learning and bettering your craft. Lastly,  do your best to be respectful and kind to others, it can talk you far.

How has being a part of the SoFar Sounds community influenced your growth as an artist?

It exposes me to new audiences and gives me a credible music organization to grow with. Once a show is booked, they find a great venue and work on filling the room with an attentive audience.

Becoming a SoFar artist was one of my goals as a musician.

 I recently performed a show on International women’s day with two other beautiful singers-  Fevah and Auntie Codie. SoFar has connected me with new artist collaborators and friends.

 Sofar is very supportive of me and I’m excited to perform in more regions outside of DFW.

Can you share a bit about your debut album “Watch Me While I Bloom” and the inspiration behind it?

“Watch Me While I Bloom”  is a 12-track album. Musically, the album blends elements of R&B, Soul, Pop-rock and experimental alternative sounds

The inspiration behind the album stems from various aspects of my life – relationships, struggles with self-doubt, moments of clarity and empowerment, and the beauty of simply being alive through all the dirt life can throw at us. The title itself encapsulates the idea of flourishing and coming into one’s own, despite facing obstacles along the way.

Each song on the album tells a story, drawing from my own experiences as well as those of people close to me. From heartbreak to resilience, from moments of doubt to moments of triumph. It’s a collection of songs that reflect my journey of growth, self-discovery, introspection and empowerment. 

How do you balance your roles as a healthcare professional and a musician, and what tips do you have for maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

I pursue both my career in healthcare and my passion for music with dedication and enthusiasm. I remind myself that achieving balance is an ongoing process, so I must be patient with myself and allow room for growth and adjustment along the way

Communicate openly and honestly with both your colleagues in healthcare and your fellow musicians. And team work makes the dream work. I’m grateful to have a husband, family, friends and fans that encourage me in both avenues and send love and help when needed

I have to set clear boundaries between my work in healthcare and my music endeavors. I Designate specific times for each pursuit and try to stick to those schedules as much as possible.

I strive to develop strong time management skills to make the most of the time I have available. Set realistic goals for both by being flexible and adaptable. I recognize that there may be times when one aspect of your life requires more attention than the other. 

Self-care is a priority. I take breaks when needed, get rest, eat healthily, and engage in activities that recharge me mentally and emotionally. I practice mindfulness to stay present and focused on the task at hand, whether I’m caring for patients or creating music. Being fully engaged in the moment can helps me

What are your future goals and aspirations in your music career, and how do you plan on achieving them?

I do have a new single coming out April 22 called ‘Tornado’ will be on all streaming platforms 

Continuing to grow as an artist by performing shows, festivals. Collaborate with more artists and creatives; film more music videos. I want to create a real website and sell merchandise and connect my newsletter and performance dates there. I aspire to be an opening act at the House of Blues of Deep Ellum concert facilities and maybe do a mini tour. I wish to get my music sync licensed into TV and film on Netflix, Hulu, HBO and amazon and who knows someday i might be on the next hit TV show.

I want to continue to collaborate with skincare and makeup brands like R.E.M, good molecules and others – i love beauty products and the regimen of self care.


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