Meet Sasha Zeiger – Founder of Surface by Sasha

  1. Can you briefly introduce yourself and share a bit about your journey and work?

I’m Sasha Zeiger, a philosopher and author dedicated to fostering public philosophical discourse through diverse mediums like paintings, writings, and events. After graduating from American University’s Philosophy & Social Policy Master’s program in 2018, I’ve focused on democratizing philosophy, engaging with people through Socratic questioning, and exploring diverse worldviews. My debut novel, The Tower of Theo, merges philosophy with fantasy, challenging readers to reconsider morality.

In 2018, I founded Surface by Sasha, aiming to bring daily self-reflections, philosophical deconstructions, and visually engaging content to my growing Instagram community. The name of the company is inspired by a line from Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray: “All art is at once surface and symbol; those who go beneath the surface do so at their own peril.” I believe philosophy is universally applicable and accessible through dialogue, and I am expanding my reach beyond Instagram through my website, newsletters, and Medium articles. Stay tuned for more curated content!

2) Looking back, was your journey relatively smooth or did you face significant obstacles?

When reflecting on my journey, I often draw inspiration from Albert Camus’ comparison of daily life to the myth of Sisyphus. Like Sisyphus pushing a boulder endlessly up a mountain, we all carry our own burdens of responsibilities beyond our control. Camus’ notion that we must imagine Sisyphus happy resonates with me, emphasizing the importance of our mindset in facing obstacles.

As a solo creator, I navigate challenges without the support of a team. Time becomes my primary obstacle as I balance Surface by Sasha with my 9-5 job, family, social life, exercise, and rest. Crafting engaging content requires thorough understanding and synthesis of complex concepts, demanding significant time and research. While I adore this process, it’s a constant juggle to maintain quality amidst competing priorities.

3) Can you highlight a few key milestones in your career that you consider pivotal moments? How did they shape your trajectory?

Two pivotal moments stand out in my career: completing my School of Athens renditions and publishing The Tower of Theo.

I created Surface by Sasha to blend philosophy and art. My first painting, inspired by Raphael’s School of Athens, was followed by a more vivid interpretation titled Cogito Ergo Creo two years later. In painting these pieces and stacking them together, I found a profound connection to my purpose. Not to sound too dramatic, but I felt as though I reached the peak in my painting career, for I can’t imagine a painting that celebrates my passions and depicts my heart and soul in a more comprehensive way. 

The Tower of Theo, published in 2022, conceptually originated in 2013. After about five years of contemplation and study, I delved into writing, finding the process to be everything from enticing to daunting. There was so much to be done! Outlining, writing, editing, designing the cover, formatting, publishing, and marketing: each stage was deeply meaningful, culminating in the profound experience of holding the published book for the first time and witnessing its impact through reviews and readers’ posts. This has indubitably been and continues to be the highlight of my career, and I carry my newfound self-reliance and creativity into every project.

4) Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what sets you apart from others?

I specialize in living a philosophical life, infusing curiosity, humility, and wonder into everyday experiences. Rather than seeing philosophy as escapism or impractical (two prominent stigmas against the discipline), I view it as ongoing self-reflection, with no claims to universal truth. Philosophy, to me, is a discourse that thrives on multiple perspectives. Through my work, I invite others to join me in questioning life and share timeless wisdom from centuries past.

Currently, I’m documenting the process of writing my second book, offering insights into each step and inviting others to learn alongside me. The journey includes marveling at other authors’ works (shoutout to Oscar Wilde, Mary Shelley, and Edgar Allan Poe, to name a few), sharing tips on writing and publishing novels, and continuing to promote public philosophical discourse and reflection with every post.

5) Reflecting on your experiences, what important lessons have you learned along the way? How have they influenced your approach to your work?

As a self-proclaimed life-long learner and a lover of wisdom, I can say without exaggeration that I am always learning something new. One lesson that continues resurfacing is that authenticity and humility are essential, especially in a discipline prone to fostering egoistic personalities. I prioritize inquiry over spreading falsities, embracing the power of subjectivity alongside the pursuit of objectivity. Speaking from a place of personal experience and perspective holds an under-appreciated beauty and validity. 

Additionally, I’ve come to appreciate the power of connection and community, despite much of my work being solitary. Genuine connections highlight the positive aspects of our human condition, and I’m committed to fostering spaces where these connections can thrive. My work feels magical and infinitely rewarding because questions will always outnumber answers, and embracing curiosity will ensure that the flame for philosophy never burns out.

You can get in contact with Sasha here:

IG: @surfacebysasha

Website: https://surfacebysasha.com

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