girl drawing some cute things for her boyfriend

Cute Things to Draw for your Boyfriend—30 Drawing ideas for your Boyfriend

When it comes to making our soulmates feel special, we are no less than NASA scientists. We are always trying to find or plan things for our ‘special someone’ that are extraordinary and unworldly. We want to make them feel special and loved because they deserve it!  

Of course, you can surprise your boo with expensive shoes and branded watches. 

However, nothing compares to something you make with your own hands, time, and emotions— yes, drawing something romantic for your partner works wonders and you’d never know unless you try! 

girl drawing things for her boyfriend

It may come as a surprise, but guys also appreciate handcrafted items made by their boo. It feels more personal, romantic, and intimate. 

Writing a letter or simply doodling something connected to the both of you or just him is something he will always hold close to his heart. 

And while writing a letter is a great option, going the extra mile and drawing cute little things for your boyfriend will make his oxytocin hormone crave for you. 

When it comes to finding things to draw for your prince charming, the alternatives are countless but still puzzling! 

Here’s a compiled list of some great ideas you can draw for your boyfriend— that will undoubtedly make his eyelids flutter and give him more reasons to love you just a little more.

30 Things to draw for your boyfriend as a beginner or an expert. 

Whether a rookie at drawing or lost while finding creative painting ideas for your boyfriend— this article will help you throughout the journey. We might not teach you how to paint, but there’s nothing that can stop you from sending your lover a romantic painting that he can frame later. 

Word of advice: Don’t just stick to painting colors, get artistic and bring the artist inside you to life. There’s a wide range of colors that you can use and an even wider range of romance to spill on the sheets. 

As a rookie, you can doodle caricatures of your boyfriend and yourself. As an adept painter, go beyond and paint the first date you spent together or your most memorable memory as a couple. 

Let’s unveil all the treasurable ideas to draw for your boyfriend.

Easy and cute things to draw for your boyfriend

Here are some easy and cute drawing ideas for your boyfriend apt for beginners/rookies: 

  • Caricatures: Exaggerated or funny representations of your boyfriend and yourself with big noses, extra-big eyes, small lips, big faces/small bodies, etc. 
  • Comics: Painting/drawing funny and romantic scenarios of your interaction with your boyfriend will leave him with a pleasant smile or nostalgic snicker. Some artists especially enjoy drawing their day-to-day habits with their partner (Refer to the link)
  • Art puns: Translating humor and puns into caricature drawing. 
  • One-line drawing: It’s easy and beautiful to draw. Plus, they make great home decor.
  • Simple landscapes of your date: It doesn’t have to be a photocopy, but a cute illustration of your favorite date with your boo. 

1. Short comic of your love story

Photo credit: Jude_Devir

Instead of actually drawing real faces, portraits, or realistic paintings, switch to stick figure representation, cartoon illustrations, or caricature— you have to agree it’s cuter! 

With cartoon illustration and scenery, comics also use captions and bubble speeches to enhance dialogues and conversation. 

Choose the best date of your life with your boyfriend that holds the most beautiful, romantic, or funny conversation and start the comic. Make sure it’s colorful and glittery. 

For instance, 

  • A comic strip of a funny moment between you: Draw a strip of a moment where your boyfriend kept pulling your leg, teased you miserably, or laughed hysterically— reinvent that happy memory into a comic. 
  • Your first accidental meeting: Perhaps, you lost your umbrella on a rainy day and accidentally collided with your to-be-boyfriend. He offered you his umbrella. Too cheesy, right? 
  • A comic where he was the most cheesy with romantic dialogues. 

2. Funny caricature representation of your boyfriend or you and him both

Try exaggerating his appearance, facial beauty, fashion, and body in this drawing. With the drawing, don’t forget to add his most charismatic one-liner. Try to make the presentation as hilarious and dramatic as you’d like— caricature art form is all about a good laugh. 

  • Another excellent drawing idea for your boyfriend would be a funny illustration of yourself that he can laugh at later. 
  • For a little romantic twist, draw a caricature of you and your boyfriend together with a cheesy backdrop of your first date.

3. One-line drawing of you and your boyfriend

As the name suggests, a one-line drawing includes a single line that sketches the whole outline of a landscape, things, pets, or humans (without shading). It’s the most simplified version of human drawings yet very romantic. 

Artists don’t usually pick their drawing tool while creating line drawing art. So, try to do it in one go! 

In fact, one-line drawing frames are actually a great feature of today’s home decor— so why waste the opportunity? He can hang it on the wall and look at it whenever he can! 

  • Draw a one-line sketch of you and your boyfriend with complementary elements as the backdrop. For instance, you can use one line drawing of the moon, flowers, fireflies, sun, and stars as the background of your overall frame. 
  • You can also draw a one-line sketch of him and his pet if he absolutely adores his pawie-friend. 

3. Doodle your way into his heart

“Grab those sharpies and start doodling!”

Doodling can change even the blandest items into colorful home decor. While you don’t have to doodle down his whole house, cute doodle gifts will brighten his living with colors and art. 

Customizing small doodles is so pure— you can plop various emotions, small memories, or belongings on a piece of paper and give it to him.

Find out what interests him the most— sports, games, zombies, technology, mandala art, cats/dogs/pigs/animals, food, his favorite movie, etc., and start doodling. 

You can even create personalized doodle gifts for your boyfriend. 

  • Doodle stickers for his diaries, books, and fridge. 
  • Customized doodle tapestry to hang in his bedroom/drawing room. 
  • Doodle bookmarks. 
  • Mirror frame with doodle
  • Phone cases: You can create the doodle and order a customized phone case with the same doodle. 
  • Doodle, his favorite ball 
  • Doodle his skateboard: Skateboards are made for graffiti walls. You can create a similar art version of graffiti on his skateboard and make him extra cool. 

Romantic things to draw for your bf

1. His beloved season: 

“Each season brings us memories of years past.” 

Seasons are nostalgic— bringing warmth, nostalgia, and lost memories. They hold many memories of our past lives— the sad, the happy, the struggles, and the glories. 

You can draw his favorite season, frame it, and give it to him! Every time he peeks at it, he will recall those emotions and warmth connected to this season. 

Perhaps, you can paint or draw the season you guys first met— autumn, winter, summer? Every season is beautiful and will work as a gorgeous memory decor in his house and heart. 

Ask him about his most beautiful memory, the season that engulfed them during that time, and make sure he’s specific about the season and the surrounding. 

  • Perhaps, his favorite memory is of autumn when he used to visit his grandparents in his hometown as a young boy— where rivers gushed, leaves scattered into beautiful scenery, and the countryside jungle sparkled with autumn hues. 

A seasonal drawing can accelerate as a reminder for him! 

  • Or, you can paint the rainy season that brings back his playful rainy days during childhood memories of playing in the rain and splashing in the water-filled potholes! Agh! Heavenly period of life!
  • How about a warm sensual kiss in the winters where you both melt into each other?

2. Capture a memory

Do you remember the craziest time you had with your boo? Do you have any memories worth keeping in the form of art forever? Well, sketch it on paper! 

For example, you can paint the time when you sneaked into his house and surprised him with the warmest kiss? Drawing these cute little memories will surely let him know he’s winning at acquiring your love and securing a place in your heart. 

Although guys don’t tell straightforwardly, they absolutely love that you adore them just as much.

3. Intertwined hands 

Wondering what will be the best thing you can draw for him that’s romantic and connected to the both of you? 

You! Your hands, your eyes, your smile, your laughter— you and your existence are two of the most endearing things that have happened to his life. 

Take help from your photos and draw your and your partner’s fingers intertwined. 

Bonus tip: Add simple yet endearing rings to both hands’ ring fingers and watch him go crazy by your bold and committing statement. 

Gripping the hands of your love actually denotes comfort, warmth, and sacred intimacy. The painting/drawing will tell him that you were, you are, and you will stand for him and with him forever!

4. A compilation of all the dates you both have spent together. 

Do you remember your first date and the chronicles that followed? How his simple smile won you over and how it still works like magic? Do you remember every detail of every encounter you both came across—  

  • what he wore and what you wore?
  • Where did you meet each time— the location, the season, and the surrounding?
  • What did you give him, and what gifts did you receive for him every time? 
  • When did you first hold hands? When did you first kiss? 

Well, if you remember every tiny detail of all the dates, congratulations! You are madly in love with this person! 

Why hold these details with yourself when you can show him just how much his existence matters to you? 

Draw it down! It doesn’t have to completely match the picture but holds every date’s essence. 

Highlight the best moment of each date and paint it out! Also, don’t forget to give a unique name to every date you draw. 

  • The stranger I saw was so beautiful I would have cried. 
  • When his laugh melted me…
  • The one where we meet again but as lovers. 
  • The one where I confessed like a dumbo. 
  • The one where we almost broke up…
  • Yes, he can gulp down the whole can of soda and eat a burger in one go. I’m so proud of you. Subtext: happy, now? 

And so on. 

Also, is your bad boy terrible at remembering dates? Mention all the necessary dates with every painting to set a romantic reminder for him. 

To make it extra cute, add a threat in case he forgets these dates. It would be cute to see his sly smile.

Creative painting gifts for your boyfriend

Romance apart, you can also make drawings solely based on him, his likes, and his life. For instance, drawing his favorite anime character poster or his favorite movie poster. 

1. His favorite brand

Confused? Oh, baby! Almost every boy is into some kind of brand. If he’s overly obsessed with cars, he surely does have a wallpaper of his dream car, either from the brand Porsche, Lamborghini, or Bugatti! 

Drawing a mustang car/car logo and adding creativity to his favorite brand logo will surprise him. 

I know it sounds stupid, but psychology studies suggest that this super simple gift will show him how much you observe and care for him and his choices. 

To woo him over, add his name to the back mirror of the mustang painting, and he will cry! 

2. A cartoon character: 

Yes! You can create cute drawings of his favorite cartoons. We can’t agree more that cartoons are one of the most unforgettable emotions of our childhood— cartoons didn’t only shape our youth but also our character in a way. 

The painting would be a reminder of the good old days! So, go ahead and tell him to tell you his favorite cartoon. Ask him for his favorite season and then draw it for him. 

The choices are immense— Oswald, Noddy, Doraemon, Pokemon, Dragon ball Z, Duck tales, He-Man, Courage the cowardly dog, or Ed, Edd, and Eddy! These are some of the top cartoons boys used to absolutely love. Back in the time, or maybe still. 

Drawing a cartoon character for him can give him a cozy message that you love his inner child too! 

3. Does he have a pet, or is he planning for one?

Drawing animals for your boyfriend is one of the cutest things. 

If he’s planning to have a dog— this painting/drawing will work as a great inspiration and encouragement for him. 

However, if he already has a pet that he loves more than his own life (and you)— paint them together to create the most emotional gift one can receive as an animal lover. 

It’s good if you can paint a photorealist painting of his and his pet’s picture. However, drawing a caricature or cartoonist representation of him and his pet would be more cute and endearing. 

Don’t just draw a random pet; instead— dive into his photo gallery and choose his favorite photo (of the pet and him) from the collection. Then, try to illustrate that photo in your own creative ways. 

If you are bad at it, draw his baby’s paws and your footprint on the beach— it would be more profound and memorable.

4. Anime character: 

  • Do you always find him impersonating cool anime characters? 
  • Or, hear me scream “fireball Jutsu” or Ka Me Ha Me Haaa? 
  • Is he always recommending anime or manga series? 
  • Does he force you to watch anime with him every time? 

Chances are that the love of your life is a huge anime fan (Otaku, originating in Japan). In fact, boys are crazy about anime; it is their second personality! 

Drawing him his favorite anime character or series poster will tell him that you find his obsession cute! 

Unlike other drawings, anime/manga posters can be cool home decor because animes have an intense aura, many cool villains, and even cooler picturization.  

I gifted my boyfriend with a Naruto band and Itachi’s cloak, and he burst into tears with happiness! 

As a rookie, anime can be a complex art form to draw. Worry not! You can take the help of tracing papers to draw his valued anime character precisely!

5. Poster of his favorite singer/band

As someone who’s overly enthusiastic about rock music, jazz, the Beatles, Nirvana, and Queen— I’d be honored to receive a handmade poster of my favorite band. It would absolutely look beautiful amidst my poster collection. 

This poster would work like magic if your boyfriend worships music and exists only with a guitar. You can draw something similar to the movie ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ vintage posters.

Adding lyrics will intensify the meaning behind your gift, especially if he’s going through tough times. 

6. Is he a reading horse?

Well, recreate the most favorite books/scenes of his life and transform them into great book covers. 

All you have to do is to make an extra effort to know more about his favorite book or what he likes most about it! By taking support from his answers, you can draw a series of simple doodling characters that showcase a specific scene of that book! 

He can use those drawings as a bookmark, book covers, window stickers, reading desk stickers, etc.

7. A series of his pet’s painting

Drawing him with his pet is one thing, but dedicating a whole canvas or craft book to his pet’s photos is entirely another. The drawings will leave him awestruck and give him memories of life. 

8. Easy-peasy Emoji

You can doodle cute emojis for your partner! Emojis are a great way of expressing our emotions in a non-verbal way. 

If you are less good at drawing (I avoid negative words) and you find drawing hands, pets or scenery challenging, then doodling cute emoji stickers is what you can do. 

You can draw an emoji with zipped lips or fingers on his lips with the following quotes

  • “You don’t need to reveal everything about your plan; keep it to yourself and show others your vision!” 
  • Our love secret is safe with me. 

A cute couple of emoji stickers for his fridge, wallet, and room would be a great way to tease him with cheesy bits.

9. His passion

Is your boyfriend a great dancer or a singer who loves instruments? You can draw something related to his hobbies to salute his passion— this drawing will show him that you care and support him! 

Doodling him as a model, a famous star, a rockstar, or a sports person will tell him that you believe in him! Don’t stop yourself from adding supportive captions in the paintings. 

10. His bucket list places

We all dream— constantly and enthusiastically. We all have a dream place to visit, and I’m sure your boyfriend has mentioned it to you several times in casual conversation! Well, chase his dream down, learn where he wants to go and what he wants to do there, and paint that very dream. 

Whether it’s a crazy dream to dive deep into the ocean near Puerto Vallarta or skydive from a great height— let him know that you appreciate his wildly beating heart that’s crazy about adventure. 

Tell him you will be there with him when this journey begins and never stop traveling or making dreams. 

Drawing these activities will surely be a delightful gift for him. Tell him to hang this drawing on his cupboard or near his bed so it can also be an affirmation for him and motivate him!

If he’s an avid traveler, create a pictorial itinerary for all the destinations he wishes to visit. Add month/year and let him know that you’ll make it possible for him and the both of you! 


Not every gift needs to be extravagant; some of these drawings/paintings will forever remain close to his heart and soul. 

You can fetch or reinvent a lot more drawing ideas for your boyfriend by learning more about him daily! So, never stop knowing your partner and being curious about his emotions. 

Some gifts dazzle you; others become a memory that you store close to your heart, safely locked! With these cute drawing ideas for your boyfriend, be ready for mushy hugs and kisses because your boyfriend will get emotional! 

Although some drawing ideas or doodling may seem a little tough, it’s worth the effort, and efforts make it all the more special. 

It doesn’t need to be an art piece by Leonardo Vinci— so welcome flaws and embrace the imperfect painting/drawings you create out of love. 

This custom gift is still just as priceless as the Monalisa painting! Ask us why. Because you pour your heart and thoughts into it for your lover!  

Flaws & imperfections are beautiful too, no?

by Genesis Gutierrez

Genesis is an accomplished entrepreneur, advocate, and coach who has dedicated her career to empowering women around the world. As the CEO of Harness Magazine, a digital media company, she has grown a platform that celebrates and amplifies the voices of women from all walks of life.

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