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How Do I Tell Him I Like Him?

Figuring out how to tell a guy you like him can be a daunting task.

When a simple eye contact can unleash a swarm of butterflies in your gut— be assured you have fallen in love. The unworldly feeling makes you fly high in the sky while your heart drums romantic rhythms; that’s what having a crush feels like— crazy, hysteric, and delusionally romantic.

One-sided infatuation is youthful and rewarding— but it may as well leave you old and gray. We deserve and pursue fulfilling relationships— love that reciprocates. If you have been crushing over your secret sweetheart for quite a long time, perhaps, it’s time that you let him know. 

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Whether he accepts or denies your proposal is a judgment you should leave for the latter. Let not the thought of rejection or heartbreak deter you from confessing. Your crush needs to acknowledge your feelings before he can reciprocate— so he must know how you feel and how deep your emotions run for him. 

Without confession, you both may lose a chance at a beautiful relationship. If you are waiting for him to confess his feelings, rethink! 

Men shouldn’t be the only ones constantly confessing; take the reins in your hand and be the one to approach first. 

Suppose you have already decided but are confused about how to confess romantically. In that case, we are here to help you progress with your illicit affairs. 

With that, also learn: 

  • When is the right time to tell a guy that you like him?
  • How to be ready for his answer? 

What to do when you like a guy? 

When you have a boy crush, keeping him out of your mind is unbelievably difficult. Not thinking about him takes significant effort; even when you succeed, he quickly swims back into your brain. 

Whether in the kitchen making tea for yourself or in the bathroom taking a dump, if you keep daydreaming about this one boy— you have got a crush, cutie. 

If the mere thought of being with him is so dreamy, imagine what it would be like to have that come to reality? For that to happen, you got to confess, babe. 

It’s the bravest and most rewarding choice you will make for yourself— sharing your heart’s content and emotions despite knowing the risks. 

Of course, it doesn’t mean you swarm at his workplace and pour your innocent heart out to someone who’s a stranger to your feelings. Before you confess to him,

  • You need to study your heart, 
  • Finalize if you really are into him. 
  • If he’s just a temporary crush or someone more significant.  

Moving forward, when you finally make your move, ensure you prepare yourself for anything coming your way. Even if he rejects you, there’s always a way to be happy with the most crucial person in your life, yourself. 

“Love yourself first, and everything else falls next in the queue. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

— Lucille Ball 

How do you know you really like him? 

Emotions are an essential part of life— what you feel in your heart is what makes you human. When you like a guy, you’re choosing to give him a prominent spot in your heart by cherishing everything about him. 

You’re giving this boy authority over your heart— allowing his actions to affect your emotions. That’s why you must be entirely sure about your feelings for him to save time and avoid overlooking the unlimited opportunities waiting for you. 

Here are ten signs you like him and can’t wait to fetch yourself a date: 

  1. You are always lost in his thoughts and imagine lovely scenarios for hours, especially at night when you understand yourself with honest and deep opinions. 
  1. You get jealous when he asks other girls out or goes on multiple dates. This feeling makes you sad and angry at the same time. You wish to go on romantic dates with him as well.
  1. Your day feels incomplete without talking to him, and you crave his voice all day long. Moreover, you might even feel low on days when you haven’t listened to his charismatic voice. 
  1. Have you ever heard that quote, “Three hours feels like three minutes with the right person?” Even when you spend a reasonable amount of time together, it’s not enough for you, and you desire more of his time and attention. 
  1. You naturally laugh at every joke he makes and find him extremely humorous. If he makes you laugh out loud by being silly for you, that’s a sign he’s interested too.
  1. He is the only person you want to text or call, no matter what happens in your life. It’s normal to not care about anyone else but that ‘special one’ when you have an ongoing crush. 
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  1. You’re ignoring other guys for him. It’s a sign you don’t want to give other men a chance to win you because your heart currently is only about that “one person.”
  1. Thinking about him between romantic songs or a particular music piece reminds you of your unique bond. Sharing songs is a love language, so if he’s showing you his favorite songs or lyrics, he likes you too! 
  1. You are always comfortable with him and can’t stop blushing when he’s around. Everything he does or says automatically puts a smile on your face. 
  1. When he makes you burst into laughter, you desire to make him smile too and start acting funny to make your cutie laugh with you. 
  1. You can’t think of losing him or living a life without him. Even when he’s not your boyfriend, the thought of losing him as a friend is also a nightmare. 

Break the “Guys propose first” stigma 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people have made it a tradition that guys should make the first move. It’s widely desired that boys come out and propose to a girl when looking to start a relationship. 

But why can’t girls confess their feelings? Why can’t girls get creative and show their courage by coming out to their crush? There’s no shame in telling someone you like them; you don’t have to wait for him to make the first move. Take a step forward and break the stigma. 

It will be challenging, but if it’s easy, who wants it anyway? Be a brave girl and tell him what you feel for him. If you have been wholeheartedly noticing a guy you have a crush on and don’t know how to show it, keep reading! 

How do I tell him I like him? 

Telling a guy what you feel about him doesn’t have to be a straightforward deal, where you show all your cards and expect to hit the jackpot. Instead, you carefully reveal each card as time passes and determine if you have a winning chance. 

Before you convey your feelings through words or direct confrontation, it is better to show them via your actions and observe if he reciprocates the energy. You can give him a sneak peek into your hearty crush by adding a few romantic elements to your day-to-day interactions with him. 

This way, you do not put your heart at risk of rejection and figure out if he’s into you or not before making a move. Here are some cute ways to tell him you like him, according to different timelines: 

Scenario 1: You’ve just met 

Let people vent that you can never fall for someone in one meeting; it’s a big hoax. We absolutely can! Love can happen anywhere, anytime. 

Our hearts are built differently and can start crushing over any attractive person we land eyes on. We are hopeless romantics—we believe in love at first sight.

If you just met an interesting guy, and can’t stop thinking about how he spoke, styled his hair, or looked in your eyes so confidently, cupid has caught you! 

Here are some elegant ways to show him you like him in the early stages: 

Modify simple conversations with him

When you get the chance to talk to him, try not to bury the romance by just nodding your head and throwing a ‘wassup’ at his face. People rarely open up about themselves when they don’t see the effort one must make to have a decent conversation. 

To indicate to him you like him, 

  • Show interest in his hobbies: If he usually carries a guitar or cricket bat— ask him how connected he is with his talents and watch him talk passionately. 

If he has a sport coming up, ask him to invite you and actually show up for his event. This simple attentive gesture towards him will easily indicate that you care about his life. 

  • Learn what cuisine he enjoys devouring: If you spot him eating food and he waves at you, walk up to him and start a conversation about the dish he’s finishing. Ask him about his favorite restaurants and casually offer to take him out some time. 

You do not have to force this; remember that you’re only hinting at a date and not actually asking for one. If you ask him out and it lights up his face, it is a sign he likes the idea of going out with you. 

In any interactions, you must be a little more attentive and openly show interest in his personality. He’ll notice it, and if he adores these unexpected efforts, it’s time to ask him out on a date! 

Open up to him

Be open and genuine about what you think regarding certain topics in life. Whenever you’re conversing, be more opinionated and show how certain things or situations make you feel. 

When he notices you opening up, he will understand that you are comfortable around him. By doing this, you’re building a mutual comfy space within you and letting him know that everyone can have their own opinions. 

As time moves, he’ll also start opening up to you, and then you can talk about deep feelings, thoughts, and what he thinks of dating. 

Compliment him frequently 

Men act tough and portray they do not need a compliment but believe me, they do. Everyone likes being appreciated and noticed when they put effort into looking their best. 

Besides, compliments do not have to be only about looks— you can also praise him for his brilliant personality, 

  • an impressive skill, 
  • or some unique thing that you like about him. 

If your crush dresses up decently any day, you shouldn’t hold yourself back from complimenting him. Instead, be the first to praise him for that unique dragon ring on his finger or the perfume he’s wearing. 

Anything that attracts you towards him at that moment, compliment him about it. Say it with honesty, and he’ll surely be amazed. Moreover, it’ll hint that you like him, but still, be suspenseful. 

Praise him whenever he looks smart, does something nice, or helps a needy. Compliments are an act of love and can never go out of style. Make sure you don’t overdo it; keep it simple and real! 

Scenario 2: When things start moving forward

Suppose you have noticed him being interested in you or reciprocating the efforts. In that case, it is an even better time to let him know about your feelings. However, you still want to keep it a secret and entice him. 

Here’s how you can show you like him while also keeping it a mystery: 

Try to be involved in things he likes 

Start getting involved in activities he usually does for entertainment. For instance, if he’s practicing basketball till late when everyone has left the court, you can join in and challenge him for a match. 

You don’t have to change or start forcing yourself to like something he’s interested in. Instead, take things slowly, learn what he’s passionate about, and frequently show interest in those things. 

Another example—If he’s interested in horse riding and you have never done it, you can ask him to take you out and teach you how to ride. That’s how you will start getting close to each other by spending some time doing stuff he likes.

If he starts reaching out to be involved in your interests, it’s a sign he likes you back. 

Do something thoughtful 

You can indicate that you like him by doing something thoughtful to make him feel important. 

For instance, if he likes reading money-management books, you can gift him a book that he’s been wanting to read for a long time. If he mentions that he’s craving a strong coffee, offer to buy him one and ask him out on a coffee date.  

Simply being thoughtful about what he likes or wants is enough to show that you like him. When a good guy notices these efforts, he’d want to treat you the same. 

Drop these one-liners when talking to him 

If you want to entice him for a date while still keeping your crush low-key, use these lines in mid-conversations: 

  • I feel amazing to have met you. You make a great addition to my close people list. (He’ll be curious to know where he ranks) 
  • UGHH, your smile makes my heart melt. It is so pure and genuine! 
  • Don’t make me miss you. 
  • I like how you make me burst into laughter so easily. What are you doing to me? 

These one-liners will successfully put you in his mind, and he might keep thinking about you for that whole day. If you follow the before-mentioned steps correctly, there’s also a chance he will fall for you. 

He might even propose to you or ask you out on a date without you having to reveal your crush. 

Scenario 3. It feels like he’s into you as well 

When you’ve known and liked a guy for a long time, and it seems 

that he likes you back— it’s the perfect time to reveal your feelings. In this case, you don’t have to hint at him or keep it a mystery; you can rather speak up about your feelings openly! 

However, before you tell him you like him, you should be prepared for the revelation! This takes us to the most important part of this article— how do I tell him I like him. 

What to prepare before telling him that you like him? 

Now that you are hundred percent sure of your feelings for him, it’s time to prepare for some things before you finally pull off the revelation. These steps are important to ensure you are ready for anything that comes your way, whether it’s rejection or a relationship. 

It is crucial to understand that rejection is neither a big deal nor will it ever be. Instead, it is much better to get rejected by someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you instead of dating them without a loving connection. 

You are worthy of beautiful things, so don’t forget that there are still tons of men in the world that would worship to get a chance with you. Rejection doesn’t mean you are wrong or unworthy of love; it simply means you’re looking for the wrong person. 

  • Be confident while telling him how you feel.

Even if you are nervous or shy, say it confidently with all your heart. Just act like a brave girl ready to accept what he thinks about you. Of course, try not to sound overconfident or loud, but calm and courageous. Pour out your feelings fearlessly. 

  • Smile 

While we know how anxious or exciting this could be, just keep a lovely smile throughout the process. Finding a romantic partner is more of a limitless possibility than a one-time approach. 

  • Think calmly about how you feel about rejection

It’s good to process things sooner and understand a possible negative outcome so you do not feel embarrassed or bad. You must realize how you feel about rejections and if they really are a big deal. 

Think about what you will do if he rejects you—will you stop talking to him, ignore him, or stay as friends? Whatever you choose after rejection is entirely your decision. If cutting him off will bring you peace— do it. Just don’t be harsh to your heart. 

After all, it should stay confident and attract limitless intimate adventures in the future. 

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  • Practice what you’re going to say

It is best to practice your “will you be my boyfriend?” speech beforehand to avoid standing blank in front of him. Prepare what and how you will start talking about your confession and then just flow with his responses. 

The correct way of going about this is writing your thoughts down, straight from your heart, and then practice it on your best gal pal before talking to him face to face. 

  • Ensure that he is not dating someone else, be it a friend or otherwise

It’s good to ask him about his dating life casually, so you are certain he is single. You should not propose to this guy if he’s already dating a girl. 

Trust me, you don’t want to be stuck in a triangle romance, especially if the guy has sincere feelings for his recent girlfriend. 

After all, you should be kind enough to let a couple fulfill their romantic journey. 

There is always a possibility your boy crush is stuck in a toxic relationship. If that’s the case, choose the right time to confess and save him.

  • Do not ask him out in front of a bunch of people.

Right now, you are not proposing to him; you are just telling him how you feel about him. Try to talk about your innocently beautiful feelings in a private space, where you can openly express yourself. Similarly, allow your boy-crush the comfort of secrecy. 

This way, you’d also avoid second-hand embarrassment if he rejects you. People’s reactions might make this a bigger deal than it actually is. 

How to tell him you like him? (In-person)

Here is how you tell a guy you like him: 

Ensure you look your best when speaking with him

You must get well dressed and put on a good-smelling perfume before speaking to him. Trust me; you don’t want to scare him off with your messy hair or regular old clothes. So, make sure to look super nice, comfy, and good-looking. 

Your well-dressed appearance will tell him that you’ve put effort into getting ready for him. 

Be yourself

Be honest about your true self— you do not need to pretend to be someone else in hopes of getting him to like you. Avoid gimmicks if you want to initiate a heart-warming affair with your crush. 

Be genuine; if he adores you for your reality, he’s the perfect candidate for a good boyfriend. 

Don’t try to change yourself for anyone; accept all your flaws or imperfections, and see if he’s worthy of your heart. A good person knows that everyone is beautiful in their own unique ways.

False hopes can never build strong, long-lasting relationships. So, it’s necessary to be real.

Be bold & confident

It takes immense courage to confess your feelings and open your heart to someone. But know that you don’t have to be nervous when looking for your soulmate; instead, be proactive and full of courage. The fear of what will happen will lead you nowhere, so be brave and say it all with your heart. 

Mention some history of your feelings 

When telling him that you like him, you can refer to the time you first felt he was ‘the one’ for you. Remember the instance when you looked at him and realized you were a goner for him. Talk about those memories passionately.

When was the ‘aha’ moment that established your crush? 

  • It could be a quiet place like the library; when looking at him, reading a book was more pleasing than eating your favorite snack. 
  • Or it could be quirky when you visited a carnival in a group, and he was a little extra careful and attentive to you.  

Say what you like about them the most.

Try to be descriptive about why you like him— mention your favorite qualities in him and how much you appreciate them. 

  • Is he generous to the needy? 
  • Does he stand out in the crowd because of his athletic personality? 
  • Is he intelligent and fair-minded? 

Just talk about what qualities made you fall for him, and he’ll enjoy hearing it.

Talk about how his presence changes your life for the better.

Ever since you’ve met him, have you grown to be more kind, attentive, responsible, productive, and confident? Does his presence in your life affect your way of living in a better way? 

If yes, then talk about it. Tell your crush how his presence in your life has changed you for the better! 

All in all, try to keep this simple, joyful, and honest.

What to do when he responds to your proposal? 

What to remember when he finally speaks his answer to your proposal? 

Case 1: If he says yes to you when you tell him you like him. 

The best feeling in the world is being liked back by the person you have been crushing over. When you confess to a guy about your feelings, and he answers that he likes you back, trust me, nothing is more satisfying than that. 

couple kissing

However, it is necessary to follow these fantastic tips that’ll help you begin a new love chapter in your life. 

  • Always communicate

No matter what happens between you two, the most important thing to remember is communication. A small genuine talk can solve many problems that ego-filled silences will ever do. 

  • Be honest

Now that you’ve just entered a new relationship— be honest in all circumstances, positive or negative.

  • Do not make ‘first approach’ a big deal.

Many couples often start having arguments and fights later in a relationship. Initially, individuals may find it a problem to text or call first. They put more of their thinking into being upset about texting or calling first than spending time with their partner. 

Reaching out to your boyfriend when you miss him should be a cute approach rather than another argument starter. It’s entirely okay to approach your partner first and show them how much you think about them. 

Always remember, it’s pure when it doesn’t feel like a chore. Start texting your partner good morning and goodnight texts too. It doesn’t indicate that you are desperate; it only shows that you are interested. 

  • Be willing to work

A relationship sometimes becomes tedious without romance and things. There must come stuff between the two of you; at this time, you must work through this to make your bond deeper. Be the one who’s willing to make everything back happier. 

If he rejects you

If the guy rejects you, learn not to take it personally— take it as a lesson, understand it, and try to move forward. Overthinking will drain you, so resist it for the time being. 

It’s irresponsible to jump to conclusions before actually listening to his answer. Maybe he’s not ready for a relationship now, or he’s confused about his feelings. Whatever may be the reason behind it, leave it there.  

You are too good to wait for someone’s love unless he’s worth the wait. 

girl in plaid shirt

Show him your confidence by saying “Thank You.”

Just like you were confident while telling him about your genuine feelings, you should stay convinced even after he rejects you. Remember who you are and what you’re worth. You don’t have to thank him out loud or aggressively; say it nicely, even when sad. 

Don’t take it personally. 

Life will always offer you what you deserve, but one rejection doesn’t mean your love life is over. You don’t have to take anything personally because life is too short to carry all the hatred or sadness in your heart forever. 

Take two or more days to get over him because, girl, trust me, there are already boys who would kill to date you. 

Don’t make him feel sorry.

We are all humans, and there will be rejections, failures, detachments, etc. 

If he doesn’t like you back, respect his decision. It wasn’t his intention to hurt you. Sometimes, connections don’t simply click, and it’s no one’s fault. 

People have the right to choose who they want to love or not— We don’t have control over who we fall for! Understand him and understand yourself.

If he’s your friend, allow yourself space to move on properly before continuing the friendship, anything otherwise will hurt you badly. 

Tell him that you need time to rethink and re-stabilize before continuing the friendship. As a friend, he will understand. 

Before asking for his understanding, understand yourself, your emotions, and feelings— don’t avoid them! 

Don’t retract your words.

You must always stay honest, even when he rejects you. It’s never a good idea to abandon your words to save yourself from heartbreak. It will only restart a cycle of denial and more pain.

“haha, I was just kidding.”

“Or, I was just testing you.” 

Instead, accept your feelings and your rejection too. You don’t have to act differently after he rejects you. Be your true self and face everything like the brave girl you are. 

Move on

Last and the most important step after rejection is to move on. Rejection will help you face reality— 

I know that can be so hurting and sad, but you can’t spend your whole life being heartbroken and sad. Understand things and move on; take your time! 

Signs that he likes you back

Before you go overboard and jump at the first chance to confess to him, it’s always an excellent option to learn if he’s actually interested in you or not without scaring him off. 

Confessing before or after the ‘right timing’ will put you both off. You both must know each other intimately before you commence a proposal. Look for these signs (mentioned below) to ensure his feelings are mutual. 

You talk or chat with him often.

  • Do you both talk for hours on hours? 
  • Is it still never enough? 
  • Does he reply to you with the same enthusiasm, anticipation, and curiosity? 
  • Are his replies bland and dry, or is he excited about talking to you?
  • Does he ask questions about you and your interests? 
  • Does he listen to you keenly when you are talking about something?
  • Is he passionate while talking? 

If most of these answers swing his way— you might have found yourself one charming guy. 

Talking is the first stage in any relationship, and from there, you begin making bonds together. Communication is the key, and it should start with honesty and genuine humor. 

Be genuine, but also be your best— talk about yourselves, understand him, and find common grounds. 

You spend a lot of time together, and he enjoys your company.

  • He would often ask you to meet or hang out casually. 
  • Time would usually fly when being in his presence. 
  • He would be closer to you physically and emotionally. 
  • He would smile often and look at you. 
  • He might also shy away from you. 
  • He wouldn’t want this time together with you to end. 

You touch each other frequently while talking or hanging out.

Every touch is different and has a meaning. If he shifts close to you every time you are together, intentionally or unintentionally— the attraction is mutual and uncanny. 

He may touch/hold your hand innocently or brush your hair casually. Mostly the touch is innocent and unintentional— as if their body is naturally inclined to have skin-ship. 

You choose to find each other in the crowd.

When hanging out with mutual friends, you both find your way back to each other— like a universal string pulling you both towards each other. 

Embracing individuality, differences, and common grounds

Having different personalities is nice, and so is having similar common interests. The answer lies somewhere between your willingness to continue despite the difference or similarities. 

If he loves spending time with you despite the differences/similarities— he may be the one! 

  • He shows interest in your uniqueness. 
  • He’s curious about things despite. 
  • He loves to listen to you when you talk about something passionately. 

He looks at you in a way that makes you feel special every time.

You can notice if someone likes you by the way they look at you when you speak. They naturally smile and have glitter in their eyes— their pupils dilate, and their pulse heightens when talking to you.

Bottom line 

Relationships are beautiful when both partners show love, care, and dedication. 

However, a one-sided situationship may never content you— you’d mostly be filled with unhappiness, jealousy, and depression. 

Like I said earlier, love is tough, and it’s essential that you prepare yourself mentally before you tell a guy about your feelings.

Remember that it’s life and you cannot get everything you want. If the guy likes you back, girl— congratulations! 

For when he doesn’t like you back, remember— the universe is probably conspiring for you to find your ‘forever babe’— someone you deserve. So, hold onto that thought!

by Genesis Gutierrez

Genesis is an accomplished entrepreneur, advocate, and coach who has dedicated her career to empowering women around the world. As the CEO of Harness Magazine, a digital media company, she has grown a platform that celebrates and amplifies the voices of women from all walks of life.

A first-generation college graduate with a degree from UCLA and growing up undocumented, Genesis brings a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges that women face in today's world. Her work as a coach has helped countless women find the courage and confidence to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.

Driven by a passion for social justice and a commitment to building a more equitable and inclusive society, Genesis has become a respected voice in the women's empowerment movement.

Through her work with Harness Magazine and as a coach, Genesis continues to inspire and empower women to take control of their lives and create a brighter, more hopeful future for themselves and for generations to come.

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