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Painting Ideas for Boyfriend — The Perfect Handmade Gift for Your Lover! 

While many girlfriends may feel content with buying a PlayStation or brand new clothes for their partner, nothing beats a handmade gift. Today, we have 20+ cute painting ideas for your boyfriend that you can try even as a beginner and surprise him with your effortful love! 

“Painting is not only a skill but another word for feeling.”  

No matter the occasion, old-school gift ideas are the best way to confess and express your deep affection, care, and modern love for your boyfriend. A cute painting is a creative approach to surprise and tell him how much you adore him! 

Instead of looking for expensive stuff, you must choose to invest your energy in gifting cute handmade paintings for your boyfriend that show your genuine care and devotion. 

Imagine how special your boyfriend will feel when receiving a token of blissful love coming out of your originality. Trust me, he will be putting your cute painting on his wall, where he can watch it at any time of the day and appreciate your sweet effort. 

Painting for a boyfriend—Is it a good idea?

While we may not realize it, men genuinely appreciate and admire things that you put effort into. A painting that represents your love and the bond you share together is something he would adore more than a thoughtless present. 

One of the simplest ways to win his heart is by learning a hobby and creating something beautiful out of it for him— something personal, significant, and memorable.

gay couple in love together

Your well-thought paintings will remind him of your love— it will be a silent answer to his raging doubts. I say, paint together and color each other with love and sensuality on the go. 

Painting as a present will show him that you care, cherish and remember details of your relationship. 

“All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.” 

—Bob Ross. 

…the vision to recreate your boyfriend’s giddiest memories—  

  • The first time you met accidentally
  • It can be your first hug,
  • The first time you kissed, 
  • Or a memorable secret that you both share. 

A romantic painting is a canvas full of affection—a gorgeous and everlasting present for your boyfriend that he can cherish till death do you apart. 

Sometimes, it’s difficult to express our emotions through words. At times like these, a handmade painting will tell your boyfriend a million stories without uttering a word. 

Paintings depict emotions, the promise of love, admiration, and many hidden messages. So, paint your love if you cannot speak them out aloud!

Give him a painting that talks about hope— a painting that speaks the language of love and togetherness. 

“You make me happy when the skies are gray.” 

  • Painting is an art that exhibits sentiments— it leaves a significant aftereffect and is very intimate. More than luxury, romantic paintings are sentimental gifts
  • Every art has a meaning— try to paint your emotions without worrying about perfection. The painting may not be the best in the world, but it would be the most beautiful gift for your boyfriend.

Choose and select your paint colors wisely, something you can use easily! Along with painting colors, don’t forget to have quality brushes, base pages, rough pages, and canvas. Although it’s just a painting— I know you want it to be any less exceptional or mediocre. 

Painting ideas for boyfriend.

Clueless as to what to paint? If you are a rookie or simply terrible at painting, I know your struggle! We want to be artistic and loving, but there are negligible to zero ideas when it comes to that. For a fact, even adept painters get confused for new ideas, especially when they have to paint something romantic. 

Instead of brainstorming “best painting ideas,” think about your boyfriend and the kind of painting that will take him to the moon. Ask yourself, what does he like the most? Is it the cosmos, the universe, the night, the day, a sport, a celebrity, or your existence?

If he stands with the term ‘hopeless romantic’ sturdily, start painting something that relates the both of you. 

In the search to make my boyfriend the happiest, I came across many painting ideas to woo him over, and they worked! So, here’s my not-so-secret list of painting ideas that will drive your boyfriend crazy! 

Beginner easy couple paintings.

“Together is a wonderful place to be.”

You don’t have to get into professional photo realism to impress your boyfriend— it can be simple, artistic, and romantic despite the lack of perfection. 

Silhouette painting is one of the easiest forms of colorful art. Additionally, it looks beautiful, too! As a beginner, go for silhouette painting! 

Holding hands never let me go.

Holding hands is a symbol of being together forever. This excellent and simple painting will tell your boyfriend that you are serious about this relationship and you look forward to getting old and gray with him.

painting of a couple holding hands

You can add various features to your painting; in fact, you can make it personal by painting a picture where you both are holding hands together. It doesn’t have to be perfect— but don’t forget to add the necessary details. 

Have you clicked a photo of your intertwined hands at the beach or on the mountains? Yes, then bring that to life on a canvas. 

Along with the painting, don’t forget to add quotes that best define your life with him. 


Add poems, love letters, and illustrations to your painting— love letters will enhance your painting and surprise your boyfriend with many unsaid words. So, write it from the bottom of your heart!  

Customize easy couple art on wood slices.

Painting doesn’t always have to involve pencil, scale, or paper. Equally, framing the painting isn’t your only available gift option. No, you can paint on a number of things, and each will become a great home decor for your boyfriend’s room. One of my favorite tools while painting is wooden slices. 

Wooden slices go best with acrylic paints, and their overall woody texture enhances the colors into vibrancy. Create wooden coasters, cup mats, romantic wall art, Christmas tree ornaments, wooden slice heart, etc. 

As for painting the wooden slice, make sure it’s something that brings him instant dopamine. For instance, if he’s an avid traveler— paint mountains, rivers, the galaxy, trees, and the stars at night. Silhouette painting is the finest choice for painting on wooden slices. 

To be more romantic and cheesy, take small wooden slices and paint tiny emojis of love. You can draw two swans kissing each other to be extra cheesy or paint finger hearts with a cute wink. The options are quite literally limitless.

couple painting some rocks
  • Mandala art
  • Paint his cat with flowers and clouds. 
  • You can paint his pretty caricature with a flower tiara on his head on a big wooden slice. 
  • Small meaningful illustrations that only you and your boyfriend understand. For example— your lingerie he likes the most, the mug he loves, his favorite flower(s), cartoon, sport, etc. 

Cute painting ideas for boyfriend.

“I’ll never fall in love until I find you.”

You may be bad at painting— but you can never fail at making that very painting cute. Use these cute painting ideas to woo or tease your boyfriend with cheesy romance. 

Your boyfriend’s cartoon or anime version 

Create a super-cute caricature of your boyfriend that you can later use to create comic strips, comic books, or story-telling canvas. 

couple that is together in a drawing

Don’t just choose a random bitmoji online; instead, try to add your boyfriend’s element into that caricature— his specific fashion style, perm, bandana, accessories, and facial features. 

You don’t have to create a realistic version; simply enhance his features. You can create an anime version of your boyfriend or a cute cartoon version; either will work and make your boyfriend giddy. 

Similarly, create a cute version of yourself as well to create a couple comic strips for your boyfriend.

Story-telling cartoon couple illustrations

Have you seen those cute couple comics online where they illustrate their day-to-day interaction? For example, painting the cute behavior of your boyfriend that woos your heart over and over again. 

storytelling cartoon of a couple and their relationship

Create a similar version of your relationship and what you share together. Your boyfriend would absolutely love to read that story and store it in his collection. 

His favorite cartoon couple

Does he still enjoy watching cartoons/anime? If so, paint him his favorite anime/cartoon couple with the tagline “I’ll be Bulma to your Vegeta.” (Reference: Dragon ball series)

Other loved cartoon couples that you can draw for your boyfriend are: 

  • Blossom and brick
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian (Reference: grandmaster of demonic cultivation)

Painting a romantic future with your boyfriend

Surprise your boyfriend with your futuristic plans of togetherness— you can paint your wedding day, wedding rings, future family with seven kids, or when you both grow old and gray but still hold onto each other. 

nice message in a card for couple

You can either a single painting of a single dream or create a whole storyline of what you see in the future with your boyfriend

  • Paint the kind of house you’d like to live in with your boyfriend
  • Paint how many kids you would like with your boyfriend
  • Paint what old age would look for the both of you. 

Pinky promises painting

interactial couple pinky promising each other

As childish as it may seem, pinky promises still hold depth and meaning. I may break multiple promises daily, but I never break pinky promises. So, surprise your boyfriend with a promise of love. 

It’s especially good for beginners— the pinky promise is a simple painting connecting your hand’s pinkie (finger) and his pinkie. With the painting, promise him your love, companionship, devotion, and sincerity. 

Please note: Pinky promises are binding in nature and meant to be kept for a lifetime. So, be sure to not break that! 

Easy painting ideas for boyfriend.

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”

—Pablo Picasso

Paint something very close to his heart— it can be a season, a memory from the past, time spent with you, his pet, his family, his job, his dreams, etc. 

Any well-thought painting will pull him closer to you if he’s naturally attracted to art and its various forms. If he’s an artist, he would love to watch his girlfriend try to create something out of his passion. So, open your mind, allow ideas to emerge, collect your boyfriend’s likes/dislikes, and paint something beautiful out of it! Don’t forget, it doesn’t need to be beautiful for the world, just for him! 

Sunset with hot air balloons. 

Is your boyfriend a free soul who loves to fight for his freedom and fly high without chains? Well, a painting of colorful hot air balloons with the sunset as their backdrop would just be the correct frame beside his bed. 

The painting would remind him that you are proud of his rebellious self and that you love him for what he is— unapologetic, unashamed, and unabashed of his true self! 

A sunset with hot air balloons is the simplest and most romantic thing to paint. The painting speaks about the decisive significance of independence. It shows that you’d rather fly along the breeze than be chained down by society. 

Acrylic Pouring wall art.

Guess what looks excellent and is easy too? Acrylic pouring wall art! Most men don’t understand how to DIY/decorate their room with beauty. They are constantly told that beauty is not for men, so presumably, they don’t relate themselves to things like home decor, gardening, planting, etc. 

pictures of painintgs

It’s time that you pamper your boyfriend by decorating his house/room, and the best way to start it with is a simple acrylic pouring wall art. 

It’s a creative way to add pizzazz to his otherwise gray world. Plus, acrylic pouring art is simple to make and consumes significantly less time. 

  • Choose your favorite colors. It can be something specific like ocean colors, sunset colors, or entanglement of the rainbow. 
  • You can do this on a canvas, wooden block, or glass. 
  • For extra beauty, add glitter colors as well. Many artists use the acrylic pouring art form to create oceans and sunsets. 
  • Pour the colors in a beautiful contrast— it can be a random pour or can also be done in a pattern (puddle, ring, wing, dutch pour, etc.)
  • You can add glitter later in the painting to ensure it doesn’t get wholly mixed with other colors. 
  • To finish the painting, use a dryer to add waves to the color’s flow. 

It’s fun and satisfying to watch all the colors come together and create a beautifully imperfect canvas. You can even try this with your boyfriend!

Cute Canvas painting ideas for a boyfriend’s wall

As an adept painter, your range is quite literally massive. With your professional skills— you can create many beautiful paintings for your boyfriend, and they will impress him in depth. 

  • First, he would appreciate you taking the time to create something for him.
  • Second, he would be dazzled by your art and capabilities. 
  • Third, he would cherish that very painting for life because you made it for him. 

Exciting things to paint on canvas.

  • Abstract flowers painting: Who says boys don’t like flowers? They absolutely do, and that’s your cue to paint him his favorite flowers. 
  • Starry night/lively mornings: What’s his favorite time of the day? Paint him something that will take your boyfriend to his happy place— perhaps, somewhere near the floral fields or in the folds of the dark night. 
picture of the night sky with stars and tress
  • Dot painting: Dot paintings are best used to create something religious or natural. For example, include the great Buddha, peacock, trees and the harmony surrounding them, cosmos, mandala art, tortoise, etc. 
  • Human portraits: Paint your boyfriend’s portrait if you’re good at it! Use his favorite picture and paint him out. You can either choose his solo photo or one with you. 

10+ more Canvas Paintings for your boyfriend: 

  • Sunset
  • Cultural paintings
  • Deep ocean life
  • Psychedelic
  • Layered landscape 
  • Duct tape painting
  • Seascape
  • Urban scene
  • Countryside painting
  • Spring
  • Winter
  • Rainy season
  • Forest canopy
  • Representation of your thoughts. 

Your boyfriend’s portrait

Your boyfriend’s portrait is more intimate than you may think— it shows that you accept your boyfriend, his beauty, his flaws, his imperfection, his features, and his body wholly. 

You embrace each part of his existence and are proud to have him as your boyfriend. 

Paint his favorite childhood memory

Is your boyfriend away from his hometown? Chances are that he misses his family and may not tell you that either. So, take the initiative and paint something that takes him back to his childhood.

It can be his childhood hometown, his old home, or his childhood pet. 

Romantic painting ideas for boyfriend.

“I’m pretty sure you are my once-in-a-lifetime love.”

Boys should be treated with extra care and love just like girls— they deserve romantic surprises too. Gifting a painting that will always be close to his heart will work wonders for him.

So, get extra creative and paint something romantic— something only you and your boyfriend share together.

Paint your dream wedding

Where would you like to get married— at the beach, at sunset, or in a Victorian palace? Does your boyfriend talk about how he’d like to get married? If so, paint a combined wedding day. 

Paint the most beautiful wedding dream with vines, the sea, lush greenery, lights, and glitter. 

With this painting, let your boyfriend know that you are serious about this relationship and look forward to living with him for the rest of your life. 

Silhouette painting of couples hugging 

Hugs are a beautiful thing shared between two people who are in love— it’s intimate but never sexualized. It’s embracing and comforting. 

Acrylic 15-minute ocean scenes

If your boyfriend loves the ocean— he would love this piece of art from your creativity. 

A nude painting of the two of you

We never embrace sex as we should! With this painting, express your sexual divinity with the love of your life. You don’t have to be too discreet or direct; just paint the nude embrace you share— it can be a hug in bed or a deep kiss. 

Cute things to paint for your boyfriend.

“I’m wearing the smile you give me.”

Who says you should only paint canvas when you can DIY his whole room with creativity and paintings? 

If you are someone who wants to do things out of the box, try turning things funky as per your boyfriend’s taste by using some real skills and giving it a touch of your love.

Add vibrant decors to your boyfriend’s room— You can paint his wall with something he’s fond of. For instance, it can be a sporty wall with football wall art or basketball illustration. 

Here are a few more painting ideas that you can use to decorate his house: 

Firstly, write down things that make him happy— shoes, handmade mugs with artistic paints, painted t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.

DIY decor for his room

  1. Frame Motivational quotes: On the gallery wall, add motivational quotes frames to inspire your boyfriend. 
  1. Paint him some aesthetic t-shirts/sweatshirts/shirts/hoodies: You can DIY literally everything in today’s world. So, why not customize pretty/cool t-shirts for your boyfriend on the go? 

Depending on your boyfriend’s preference, paint something he’d be delighted to wear. You don’t have to overdo the paintings, though. It can be a small rose or a band poster.

  1. Coffee mugs: Customize coffee mugs with artistic paint splashes and illustrations, especially if your boyfriend is a coffee aficionado. There are various painting styles that you can look for while painting coffee mugs— traditional art looks beautiful on coffee mugs, so go for it! 
chair and candles together
  1. Ceramic candle jars and pots: Decorate your boyfriend’s apartment with small, cute, and colorful flower pots and vines. Additionally, decorate cute candle jars with colorful paints and light up your boyfriend’s apartment. 

These cute candle jars and small plant pots will turn your boyfriend’s room into beauty, trust me. Candles will also work best in organizing last-minute romantic dates at home. 

  1. Printed pots: Pour the magic of acrylics and design printed pots that your boyfriend will absolutely love. You can paint them with mandala art tools or go for a modern design, depending on your boyfriend’s choice. 

Your boyfriend can use these pots as a storage container, for growing plants, as a water bowl for his cats, etc. It would be a pretty and practical addition to his room. 

  1. Dedicated sports wall: Is your boyfriend a sports devotee or a player himself? If so, painting him a sporty wall will fill his life with inspiration and motivation toward his goals. 

You don’t have to paint Messi on the wall, but a silhouette painting of players cheering together or making a goal in the basket. There are many great ideas for a sports wall online. Don’t forget to learn about your boyfriend’s passion before painting his wall. 

  1. Simple gallery wall: Paint 5-6 modern art paintings and make different frames for all of them. Use a creative sense of arrangement while hanging all the frames on the wall. Some frames can be put horizontally, and others can be put vertically to create a good contrast of all the paintings. 

Bottom line

“Our heart speaks the same language.”

Of course, every present has its own charismatic value; sometimes, extravagant jewelry will pamper him. Other times, handmade gifts will win his heart over. There’s nothing wrong with either of them! 

So, don’t stop yourself from giving him something lavish if that’s what you want. On the other hand, don’t stop yourself from surprising him with occasional handmade paintings and other goods— he deserves your time, effort, and emotions, too!

by Genesis Gutierrez

Genesis is an accomplished entrepreneur, advocate, and coach who has dedicated her career to empowering women around the world. As the CEO of Harness Magazine, a digital media company, she has grown a platform that celebrates and amplifies the voices of women from all walks of life.

A first-generation college graduate with a degree from UCLA and growing up undocumented, Genesis brings a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges that women face in today's world. Her work as a coach has helped countless women find the courage and confidence to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.

Driven by a passion for social justice and a commitment to building a more equitable and inclusive society, Genesis has become a respected voice in the women's empowerment movement.

Through her work with Harness Magazine and as a coach, Genesis continues to inspire and empower women to take control of their lives and create a brighter, more hopeful future for themselves and for generations to come.

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